Accelerator participants

AdBroker - Marketing / B2B / Internet of Things, Embedded systems

For brands who looking to boost awareness among people on-the-go, AdBroker's innovative advertising platform plays ads on smart touchscreen mirrors in places like bathrooms in bars and restaurants. Unlike static signboards or video screens, AdBroker combines useful information like weather and news with interactive entertaining advertisements delivered in smaller, more intimate settings which creates unique customer experiences. With AdBroker people see their own reflection next to brands which leaves a powerful impression.

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BrachyDOSE - Medicine / B2B / MedTech

The BrachyDOSE is medical device designed for oncology doctors in order to reach best possible cancer treatment results. It is a system which collects the data during treatment (radiotherapy) procedure and enables doctor to update treatment plan and avoid harmful effects for patient. Unlike other devices our solution is personalized, easy and fast.

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Colorist Guide - Beauty / B2B / App development

For hair colorists, who are seeking to find new clients or improve client loyalty, Colourist Guide is a platform, that provides capability to gather feedback and have conversation with clients about hair care.

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Dear Deer eyewear - Fashion / B2B2C / 3D printing

Dear deer eyewear is way for people to express their personality. Custom made eyewear is suited for each and every single one of us. Completely unique design and manufacturing scheme lets us experiment with eyewear manufacturing in way that wasn't ever done before.

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Epyg - Lifestyle / B2B2C / App development

For home cookers who want to simplify grocery shopping, Epyg is a digital meal planning app that makes recipes shoppable. Unlike Sidechef, Allrecipes or HelloFresh, Epyg creates AI-powered personalized and integrated plans focused between what you want and should eat.

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Flow Recuperator - Manufacturing / B2B / 3D printing, modelling and simulation software

For homeowners and enterprises, in need of fresh and clean indoor air, Flow is a compact ductless recuperator, that recaptures more heat, while using less electricity, than our competitors. Our device is easily installed in new or old building stock, with window frame or wall installation options. Copper core of Flow is anti-fouling and antimicrobial, and smart control ensures that Flow will work in conditions our competition does not, ensuring four seasons of climate comfort.

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icy365 - Business services/ B2B / App development

icy365 is a solution for goal-oriented teams, who are frustrated with Office 365 adoption for their business needs. It is a case based collaboration app that boosts your efficiency and productivity. Unlike Office365 we provide a ready-to-use solution integrating tens of different Microsoft tools in one app.

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OrderNavi - Business services/ B2B / Software development

OrderNavi is the software solution for micro businesses owners who want to launch their business based on on-demand model and test the MVP in low costs and for franchises owners who want to grow franchise, manage and mobilize team, analyze results and delight customers.

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Pixel Value - Sport / B2B / Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Using AI VPixel makes analysis of gym members activity: exercise performance, exercising frequency. The administration of sports club are getting information from VPixel about members that are running out of motivation. To gym members Vpixel is providing personalized information in entertaining way on how to modify the workout plan.

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Superhost - Real estate / B2B / Web development

We’re short-term rental management company aimed at residential investment property owners that want no hassle and increased return on their investment. Our mission is to give property owners more freedom by taking over day-to-day operations of their properties and ensuring desired returns.

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TaskerMate - Services / B2B2C / App development, machine learning

TaskerMate is a community driven platform that connects household owners with friendly neighborhood helpers by allowing to outsource household tasks thus giving an opportunity it’s community members to complete those tasks to earn extra money.

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Accelerator participants selection camp

During the camp 25 selected teams presented their startups, met with experts and mentors who selected 11 of them to participate in accelerator activities.