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From reducing your company overheads and rental space costs, to keeping your salary levels competitively low, Lithuania offers the perfect environment for you to make your business more productive. What’s more, you’ll find the government is behind you too, offering profit tax incentives and other benefits to help you grow your operations.

And expanding your operations do not have to cost you the earth. With labour costs four times lower than the EU average, you are able to get the best staff for less. On top of that, office rentals are some of the lowest in the region, meaning we can offer you a truly cost competitive environment for your business growth.

To make any business a success, productivity is vital, and with Lithuania ranking 2nd in the EU for labour productivity growth between 2010 and 2014, we can provide you with the staff and space to get you the results you need.

You will also find that our government is ready to support you too. On offer there is a raft of tax incentives to ease the establishment of your business, and you’ll be happy to hear that we have the 4th lowest corporate tax rate in the EU.

We are here to share with you all investment environment information:

  • We collect and publish the latest statistics on economic development, investment environment, specific sectors – looking for appropriate business opportunities and conducting research to help investors make the best decision.
  • We present Kaunas for investors and indicate its advantages, so that foreign companies have no doubt about the potential of the city.
  • We work closely with the country’s higher education and vocational schools, in order to offer suggestions on the content of scientific programmes and the relevance of studies to business needs.


  • We assist investors in applying for state support, building permits, tax incentives and other institutional issues.
  • We provide consultations and recommendations on issues of labour code, education and other areas that affect investment environment.
Key investment facts

Ease of starting business World ranking


Ease of doing business World ranking


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Personal income tax
4th lowest corporate tax in EU
Real estate tax
Land lease tax for commercial areas
Social security tax paid by employer

Kaunas in numbers

Kaunas has always been a center of industry in Lithuania. Real strength of the city is its talents. Kaunas is capable to consistently produce young, educated and highly motivated workforce which is especially suited to diverse and innovative business services – 1 out of 4 students in Kaunas study engineering related subjects, with this number increasing year-on-year.

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