2019 07 31

“Kaunas Coding School”: Soon, More and More Employees Will Have to Understand the Code

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Having received almost half of the votes in the Kaunas Growing Business Awards “K.A.V.A. 2019”, “Kaunas Coding School” triumphed in the nomination “Kaunas is Proud”. It is one of a kind adult retraining school in Lithuania that focuses solely on adults and their career turning point in IT sector. The aim of the school is not only to guide a person by providing him/her with knowledge, skills, counseling and help to successfully integrate into the IT market but also to gather a community which in Kaunas is extremely united and cohesive.


“Our school was born out of the idea of ​​helping people who want to change their profession and life but do not know how to do it. Therefore, it is important for us not only to provide the necessary skills and offer a job in the field of IT, but also to help the person find the profession or a field that would make him/her happy every day, encourage him/her to learn and develop their full potential,” the Head of “Kaunas Coding School” Justina Kugytė shares the idea which inspired to create the school.

Nuotrauka: Kauno mokyklos vadovė Justina Kugytė, „Coding School“ archyvas.

“Kaunas Coding School” is an IT school for adults seeking a career change that provides relevant theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It also helps the students to choose the profession or training that best fits the person’s character and expectations for further work and career development. An equally important part of the school is the Career Centre. Realizing that providing a person with knowledge and skills is only half of the work, the creators of the school paid great attention to another important part: the person’s attitude and his/her employability.

“That’s why, after training, those who wish may attend a career counseling session where we discuss individual expectations and steps ahead, change stereotypical thinking, get rid of fears and doubts, help people to acknowledge their strengths and present them properly. We also help to prepare a high-quality and informative CV, and create a LinkedIn profile,” Justina tells us about a wide spectrum of services the school provides.

In order to transform the competences acquired during the training into job offers as quickly as possible, the school has partnered with more than 150 companies across Lithuania: graduates get job interviews that provide the opportunity to start their careers in a new field quickly and efficiently.


Lecturers are professionals in their fields

Justina, the Head of “Kaunas Coding School”, is delighted to have a close team of IT professional lecturers in Kaunas: “All of them work in companies using the technology that they teach, so they can share extremely valuable experience. Their work range is quite diverse: from robots to programming of large banking systems. Most of our lecturers have 7-14 years of programming experience. We are a strong team, so most of us are old-timers in our field who do a great and meaningful job every day; we put all our knowledge and time into building the IT community.”

By the way, according to the head of the school, the focus on community was that crucial point which brought them victory at “K.A.V.A. 2019” nomination “Kaunas is proud”: “Kaunas is distinguished by its close and active community, and that is why this award belongs to all of us. We are very pleased and honored to receive it.”


Career change is inspired by different motives

The creators of the “Coding School” in Kaunas and Vilnius see a very similar need for training in both cities and therefore offer identical programs. However, recently a quite unique trend has started in Kaunas: IT sector becomes attractive to managers and project leaders who wish not to retrain but to develop their careers in IT or technology companies, or, due to the lack of IT education, seek to improve knowledge to achieve a smoother communication inside their team.

People become the clients of the Career Centre for a variety of reasons: some are driven by the realization that their profession will soon become obsolete, others by financial aspects and earning potential, others are looking for ways to change their profession that they are already fed up with.

“These reasons are usually complex and the same for everyone, but at the same time different. We are also approached by people who want to return from emigration but do not know how to integrate into the labor market in Lithuania. Quite often, for people who want to turn to IT, this training becomes the most direct way to fulfill their dream,” says Justina.

School leaders note that it is not always necessary to make radical changes to your career, but IT and programming skills are needed by an increasing number of professionals from different fields. It is possible that in order to fit into changing labor market, soon, more and more employees will have to at least understand the code, or perhaps even know how to write it.


Even more programs, even more openness

Nuotrauka iš “Kaunas Coding School” archyvo.

Graduates of the coding school include a wide variety of people with different stories. IT sector is attractive to people of all ages: from 60-year-olds to the youth who find the courage to transition from being geodesists, teachers, soldiers or warehouse workers.

Naturally, “Kaunas Coding School” is growing and expanding: in 2018, the number of students increased twice as much, the number of training programs also increased, the facilities expanded, and more auditoriums were built. “We are delighted to have a school adapted for people with reduced mobility. This year we are actively cooperating with the legal, financial and medical sectors. Together with the legal community, we have created the first training program in Lithuania focused on the legal sector “LegalTech”. We are also proud of our new “BlockChain” training program. By the end of this year, we are planning to introduce a new program and pay special attention to data analysts,” Justina, the Head of “Kaunas Coding School”, shares the achievements and plans of the school.

The school’s vision for the coming years is to contribute to the IT community and strengthen it, to become more open to everyone: for those who wish to learn to program, those who are already doing that and those who are still thinking. No wonder the company that Kaunas is proud of has the logo with a diver, symbolizing the company’s motto “Dive into the broad IT career opportunities!”.


Information by “Kaunas IN” Business Division.

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