2018 02 20

Kaunas County Receives Recognition in the Prestigious Investment Ranking

Photo by A. Aleksandravičius


Kaunas County received two awards in the prestigious ranking of the most attractive European Cities and Regions for the foreign investment of “fDi Magazine”. Kaunas received the first award in the “Human Capital and Lifestyle” category and the second in the “Cost Effectiveness” category. The “fDi Magazine”, a service from “The Financial Times”, is globally regarded as an investors’ guide, and annual investment ratings of the future are a barometer of attractiveness, which is used by the companies which are making the investment decisions.


The “fDi Magazine” TOP10 ratings annually rank the most attractive and most successful destinations for foreign investment in European cities and regions – from Ireland or Greece to Finland or Lithuania. Data is collected from around 489 locations and evaluated in terms of economic potential, working environment, cost effectiveness, infrastructure and a business-friendly environment.


This year, Kaunas County was awarded in two categories in the “fDi Magazine” 2018/19 TOP 10 ranking of the Small European Regions of the Future. The County took the tenth place in the category “Human Capital and Lifestyle” and the ninth place in the “Cost Effectiveness” category.


“Kaunas is the most rapidly growing city in Lithuania, where news of the arrival of new investors becomes a pleasant daily routine. New business centres and factories primarily mean new jobs for the Kaunas residents. And they are one of the most important reasons why international companies decide to invest in Kaunas. All companies need talented and hardworking specialists,” says Visvaldas Matijošaitis, the Mayor of Kaunas.


In the ranking of the “Human Capital and Lifestyle” category, the indicators of labour force in European regions, the results of their higher education institutions, the ability to attract and sustain talented people, the social progress indicator and life expectancy were assessed. The “Cost Effectiveness” TOP list was made considering wage averages, office rental rates, the number of hotels and services suitable for business, tax environment, etc.


“We are very happy and proud that Kaunas County has been noticed and appreciated. Both local businessmen and foreign investors often refer to Kaunas residents’ competencies and Kaunas human capital as one of the city’s most competitive advantages,” says Tadas Stankevičius, the Head of the Business Department at VšĮ “Kaunas IN”, also working as the Director. “Kaunas is constantly striving to improve the infrastructure and social environment in the city, not only by creating a more comfortable living environment for the residents, but also by increasing the attractiveness of the city in the eyes of other Lithuanian cities, foreign talents and investors: parks and other public spaces are being renewed, abandoned territories and buildings are brought to a new life, a network of pre-school education is being strengthened and the ambitions to begin teaching lessons in the foreign languages of great demand are encouraged.


According to T. Stankevičius, the award in the “Cost Effectiveness” category in the “fDi Magazine” rating is also very important for the Kaunas city and the region, which proves an attractive price-quality ratio for investments.


“Not only companies and factories in the Kaunas region, but also the settlers who have decided to live here prove that,” T. Stankevičius claims.


Information of the Business Department of VšĮ “Kaunas IN”.

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