Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Is my company a startup?

Startups are globally scalable tech companies whose main activity is to develop, produce or distribute innovative, high growth potential solutions.


What is the difference between pre-acceleration and networking?

Pre-acceleration is an intensive and consistent activities dedicated to a few selected startups. During the pre-acceleration, personal attention is paid to the startup’s product and problems entire program duration.

Networking – open events where everyone is welcome to come.


Who can participate?

Pre-accelerator is intended for early stage startups who have minimum viable product (MVP); startups are not required to be generating revenue to join the program. Kaunas Startups networking activities are open to all.


Is the program “Kaunas Startups” exclusively for Kaunas residents?

The aim of the program is to strengthen the startup ecosystem of Kaunas. The pre-acceleration program is open to everyone but the preference is given to Kaunas-based startups.


How much does it cost to participate in the events?

Participation in all the events are completely free of charge.


Frequently asked questions about pre-accelerator

Is pre-accelerator free of charge?
Yes! But getting into the pre-accelerator requires passing the selection.


How is the pre-accelerator selection process?

Selection to the pre-accelerator takes place in several stages. Registration is open August 14 – September 22. Following this, a panel of experts will have interviews with the registered participants and will select 25 teams to attend the boot camp (October 7-8). The first day of the boot camp is for preparation with experts, the second day for selection interviews. Following the selection, the camp’s Expert Panel will announce 15 startups who will be able to participate in the pre-accelerator.


Can I get an investment?

There are no cash prizes for participants but teams with best results will have a chance to pitch them to potential investors.


Why accelerator activities are so intensive?

The purpose of the accelerator is to help startups to develop a product, build a business and commercialization plan, find partners and investors within a short period of time. This means doing a lot of things in a short space of time.


Who can’t participate in pre-accelerator?

Enterprises engaged in the activities listed further are restricted from participating in the accelerator: 1) the production and trade of tobacco products, distilled alcoholic beverages and related products 2) production and trade of any kind of weapons and ammunition; 3) organization of gambling activities; 4) providing services and solutions that: a. is aimed at supporting: (i) any of the activities referred to in points 1 to 3; (ii) Online gambling and online casinos; (iii) pornography; b. aims to create the conditions to illegally: i) use electronic data transmission networks; (ii) download electronic data. 5) investing in enterprises whose activities do not comply with the norms of the Republic of Lithuania, ethics and (or) moral standards.


How many people can be in a team?

Team can be a company, a group or a sole person.

If the team is a company or a group of individuals, one company or team should be represented by at least two persons.

If a person doesn’t have a running company, he or she can participate as a sole person.


Do you have to participate in all pre-accelerator’s events?

Yes, participation in all pre-accelerator’s events is mandatory and requires full-time work.


Frequently asked questions about networking

Are networking activities free of charge?

Yes! Networking events are free and open to everyone.