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More than 20 free events, attended by over 1,000 participants, were organized during the three-month Kaunas startups 2018 networking programme. During these events, Kaunas business innovators were introduced to all the stages of emerging young business: from cultivating creativity, idea generation, its presentation to investors to team building, time planning, legal aspects of the company’s operation. Startups were given  private consultations on young business development issues, regular trainings and unique practical trainings led by practitioners and real professionals in their fields – people from Lithuania and abroad who have already passed all these processes.


09.13 – Creativity Methods in Business / Lect. Artūras Bulota (TAG Kaunas, BÜRO)

09.18 – Internal processes in business / Lect. Algis Leveckis, Head of Global Bridges (USA), CTO at Healthcare Innovation Transfer Foundation

09.18 – “From developer to manager: lessons learned”/ Modestas Kapušinskas, Head of Engineering at Search Engine KAYAK

09.20 – Team building / Lect. Domas Janickas (Data Dog)

09.27 – “Choosing a Business Model” / Lect. Gytis Junevičius (Lithuanian Innovation Center)

10.25 – “Protecting Intellectual Property: What You Need to Know” / Lect. Greta Žėkienė – Head of Intellectual Property Management Projects at KTU National Innovation and Business Center

10.30 – Presentation of the idea to investors / Lect. Artūras Bulota (TAG Kaunas, BÜRO)

11.08 – “Identification of Target Users and Customer Group” / Lect. Gytis Junevičius, Head at Kaunas Region  of Lithuanian Innovation and Business Center

11.15 – “Open Data for the Future City” Kaunas Startups #hackaton: discussion and implementation of created ideas

11.19 – “Attracting funding” / Lect. Donatas Jonikas, Manager of Marketologai, Doctor of Economics, Marketing Practitioner with over 10 years of experience

11.23 – “Success accompanies startups and innovators” seminar and workshop

11.24 – Workshop “How to Create Your Business Image” / Andrius Markevičius – Senior Front-End Developer at Alchemetrics

11.27 – “10 Reasons You Won’t Beyonce and Kanye West”

11.28 – Employer’s Image 101: Why Should I Work for You and Stay? / Lect. Kostas Baubinas – Employer Image and Communication Specialist

11.29 – Startup Summit

12.04 – “Starting and Developing Sales: Where to Start?” / Lect. Aivaras Bakanas, Sales Director at Millo Appliances

12.05 – “Preparation of Commercial Offer” / Lect.  Ričardas Vandzinska, Director of Finance Department at Fima

12.06 – “Tax Base of legal persons” / Lect. Attorneys at law Ramūnas Širvys and  Gilbertas Kinderevicius – Partners at the Professional Law Partnership JurisConsultus

12.14 – Presentation of business ideas

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