Kaunas startups open events

One of the crucial ingredients for successful startups to emerge is having a talented, zealous and vibrant community. Join a series of free open events to learn how to build successful companies and meet like minded entrepreneurs! Everyone is welcome to participate in one or more free of charge events which will take place from August to December 2019.

trainings to help you develop your business

pitch events for you to master presentation skills

experience sharing events

hackathon where you'll work on an innovative business idea

Upcoming events

  • August 28 (Wed) | Experience sharing session: practical advice from experienced entrepreneurs.
  • September 13 (Fri) | Pitch event: present your business idea and get feedback from mentors.
  • September 14-15 (Sat-Sun)  | Hackathon: create business ideas with like-minded community members.
  • September 19 (Wed)  | Training on Design Thinking.
  • October 3 (Wed) | Training on Team Management.
  • October 17 (Wed) | Training on Personal Branding.

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