2019 03 09

Kaunas Will Introduce Itself to One of the World’s Largest Property and Investment Exhibitions MIPIM 2019

Photo: A. Aleksandravičius.


Kaunas city participates in the annual international property and investment exhibition MIPIM 2019, which is organized for the 30th time in Cannes, France. On March 12-15, investors from around the world, project developers and other real estate market participants will gather here. This year, the most important investment projects of the two largest cities in Lithuania will be presented at the joint stand of Kaunas and Vilnius, while emphasizing the attractiveness of cities’ partnership.


Preparation for the exhibition takes whole year

According to the organizers, the 30th MIPIM exhibition should attract over 26,000 visitors and guests from around 100 countries. 3,800 of the guests are top managers and shareholders; about 5,000 are potential investors. 3,100 companies will participate in the exhibition, occupying 40,000 m2 space.


Kaunas investment projects at MIPIM will be presented by the international marketing, tourism and investment agency “Kaunas IN”. According to its Head of Business Division and Acting Director Tadas Stankevičius, this exhibition is a platform that connects private real estate developers and investors looking for attractive projects.

“Therefore, it is a great opportunity not only to look for investors for specific projects but also to spread the message about projects developed by the two largest cities in Lithuania – Vilnius and Kaunas,” believes Tadas Stankevičius.

The stand itself and the intended marketing tools will be used to attract visitors and stand out from the crowd, but according to T. Stankevičius, proper preparation and pre-agreed meetings are the most important.

“The specificity of this exhibition is very much related to “homework”: the biggest work is done before the exhibition, organizing direct meetings, booking times, so that during the four days of the exhibition our city representatives could meet with particular investors, operators and important real estate market players. Therefore, it is not so important to impress everyone with the exceptional stand during the exhibition as to participate in the planned meetings. On the other hand, the visual solutions of the stand help to draw the attention of those visitors with whom no preliminary meetings were organized. To achieve it, we promise to collaborate with our colleagues from Kaunas Free Economic Zone, “Go Vilnius” and emphasize the modernity and openness of the two largest Lithuanian cities as well as the importance and the development level of technology and telecommunications in Lithuania. Through these aspects we will present both public and private real estate projects planned by Kaunas and Vilnius”.


Attention to the new axis of Kaunas city center

During the exhibition, Kaunas will present investment objects and territories that have not been used for infrastructure so far, and during the meetings it is expected to establish useful contacts, which will help to solve the issues that are very important for Kaunas. One of the most important among such issues is the administration of the future objects.

“We will intensively look for people who can manage the objects and territories under construction in Kaunas. For example, we’ll talk about the Aleksotas Innovation Industry Park to people from organizations that have similar project management experience, and we will consider options for cooperation. In any case, open international competitive biddings will be announced for the management of such objects, so this exhibition will help to prepare for them properly”.

When presenting Kaunas itself, great attention will be paid to the new axis of the city center, located on the Nemunas River Island and its approaches. Public and private projects are being developed here: commercial offices are being built, plans for the construction of science popularization center “Science Island”, multifunctional water sports center near Žalgiris Arena and M. K. Čiurlionis Concert Center as well as new pedestrian bridges are being developed.

“The rapid and versatile development of this territory is creating a new central axis of Kaunas as a city of the 21st century: modern projects are being developed here and we will invite investors looking for new opportunities to join in,” confirms the acting director of “Kaunas IN”.


Emphasis on the benefits of the partnership

According to T. Stankevičius, the presentation of Kaunas and Vilnius at one stand opens up more opportunities for these two Lithuanian cities to present themselves as partners:

“We are not only going to show that many unique projects are being implemented or planned in Kaunas, but also to strengthen our image as partnering cities. We want to attract foreign investors not as single cities but as a whole region which have many significant projects worth investors’ attention. After all, the idea of this partnership is not new for a number of real estate developers who work with private commercial objects in both Kaunas and Vilnius.

It is expected that such a joint presentation of Kaunas and Vilnius to foreign investors will become a continuous project and will grow in the future both by the number of objects and attracted collaborations.


Information by “Kaunas IN” Business Division.


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