In Lithuania, more than 500 people are currently directly involved in Game Development activities. There is also a great potential in local IT sector – 31,500 IT specialists, including over 14,500 software developers. Every year, about 1,700 new IT graduates enter the labour market. Universities are also changing their studying programs according to the new tendencies, so right now in Lithuania, there are 6 universities and colleges which have gamedev study courses.

There is 37 game development companies in Lithuania

There is >528 professionals working in game development industry

Average monthly vage in game development sector is 1 540€

How are game developers in Lithuania doing?

Events for game developers

Game culture is spreading from Kaunas to the whole Lithuania

Kaunas is the real cradle of the Lithuanian gaming industry and the center of gaming culture. It is proven not only by successful game developing studios and specialized media channels operating in the city, but also by an active community of game developers and players who organize mass events which attract thousands of visitors and participants.  These events range from the “Lan Party” in the Kaunas Sports Hall to the largest gaming convention in the Baltic States “GameOn”. 

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