ICT Sector

Lithuania has the leading upload broadband speed in the EU and the 5th highest in the world, so it is a perfect location for businesses that need to be connected globally 24/7. Globally, Lithuania is also a number 1 for fulfilling business needs for ICT in the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2015. Talents, specialists with high qualifications and skills and new ICT students, entering the market every year, in most cases are the key, why companies from the ICT sector are choosing Kaunas.

Excellent for ICT

With world-leading broadband speeds, and the most advanced ICT infrastructure in the CEE region, Lithuania is cementing its position as a regional centre of excellence for smaller software and game development start-ups, and larger ICT operations. Moreover, with our tech-savvy talent pool, business friendly environment and record in technological excellence, we offer the perfect cost, competitive go-to destination for all companies in search of quality in ICT competencies and services.

Western market access

Top tech talent

Business friendly environment

Intermedix Lietuva - finding talent in Kaunas

Intermedix is a global leader pioneering innovations in data analytics and cloud-based technology to deliver best-in- class revenue cycle management, practice management and emergency management solutions. That is possible because of more than 2,500 team members worldwide and 32 offices in the U.S., UK, New Zealand and Lithuania.

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