2018 02 15

The most modern pharmaceutical warehouse opens its doors in Kaunas

Photo by “ABC Farma”.

Lithuanian capital company UAB “ABC Farma”, providing services for pharmacy market, has just finished the construction works in Kaunas FEZ and has already started looking for new employees. The building of almost 4,000 sq. m storage space not only equips the most modern technologies, but also provides attention to the quality of the working conditions of the employees.


“The idea to expand developed naturally: the old pharmaceutical warehouse, where we worked until then, was built in the Soviet times, so it was morally and technologically obsolete. In order to expand, meet new and highly grown requirements of our customers and to show that it is safe and attractive to store your products in Lithuania, we have set particular goals”, says Rytis Seniūnas, the director of UAB “ABC Farma”.

The total area of the new building is 4,100 sq. m., the investment amount is 5.09 million euros of which 1.92 million euros is from European Union funds.

“Since the very beginning, we had the vision that warehouses would be innovative, easy to use and with modern, full-scale climate control. We used modern technologies for construction: although in the planning stage of the buildings B category requirements were applied, we wanted to do our best, so today our building is A+, according to the energy rating. After completing our work, we conducted a leak testing and found out that the results exceeded the required standards twice”, says Birutė Varnienė, the director of commerce of UAB “ABC Farma”.

After consultations with the scientists of the Kaunas University of Technology, the most suitable heating and ventilation systems were selected. These systems, with the help of powerful pipes, not only change the air in the building twice per hour, but also filter, ionize, maintain a stable temperature and required relative humidity.


Special requirements apply to pharmaceutical logistics

One of the main logistics conditions for pharmaceutical products is the traceability of the medicine path from a manufacturer to a user.

“It means that we need to know 100 percent where, at what time and under what conditions the medicine was stored on the way from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the end user’s hands.

This requires both specific software and compliance with specific requirements. All our works in Lithuania, as well as in all the EU, are strictly regulated”, R. Seniūnas explains the specifics of the services.

Ensured temperature control 24 hours a day in modular rooms, the highest security requirements and extremely early fire system allow the company to guarantee and meet the requirements of good distribution practice.


The company will welcome 23 new employees

A significantly expanding team will be entrusted with the storage of the medicine and repackaging, supervision and execution of pharmaceutical products. 23 new jobs for pharmaceutical education specialists, loaders-forwarders, managers and administrator will be created.

They will get comfortable, quiet office rooms with acoustic panels, fully separated warehousing and ramp areas, rooms for staff, from changing rooms and showers – thus, encouraging employees to come to work by bike – to cosy lounge and eating areas.

“If we talk about working conditions, we cannot compare the work in one warehouse and another: we have carefully considered the quality of the working environment and we can claim that we have built a truly modern warehouse in terms of equipment and working conditions”, says B. Varnienė.


Information by “Kaunas IN” Business Division.

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