2019 12 11

The month of kindness in Kaunas: the campaign Kaunas full of kindness has ended

Throughout November and early December, a wave of kindness spread around Kaunas’ businesses – the first-ever social charity campaign Kaunas full of kindness invited to donate to the Malteser organization of Kaunas and help them purchase a new minibus for the disabled. A total of 12 companies from Kaunas took part in the campaign. About a fifth of the sum necessary for acquiring the minibus that would warm the hearts of lonely disabled people and make their lives easier reached the donation boxes and bank accounts.

The idea to unite Kaunas’ business initiatives into one wave of kindness was born in the public institution Kaunas IN. This is how the social charity campaign Kaunas full of kindness – seeking to become a unifying platform for greater change and good deeds – came about. The aim of the first campaign is to help the Malteser organization of Kaunas to raise the funds needed to purchase a new minibus. Dozens of organization’s volunteers are tending and caring for nearly a hundred lonely disabled and elderly Kaunas residents with low income, to whom, Maltesers are often the only assistance, helping them reach places they need or want to visit.

The campaign Kaunas full of kindness was joined by Kaunas-based companies, the employees of which were able to donate into the donation boxes placed at their offices as well as Maltesers’ charity account. A total of 13 companies participated in the campaign: NKT Lithuania, Adform Lithuania, BitDegree, Blaster, Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, Continental Automotive Lithuania, Dematic Limited branch of Kaunas, Imlitex Holdings, Juvare Lithuania, KAYAK Lithuania, NordZucker, OAG, Present Connection.

Malteser and head of the project Rūta Kriščūnienė, thanked for the expeditiously organized relief initiative on behalf of the Order of Malta Relief Organization, Kaunas branch, saying that it was enough to mention the outdated and worn out vehicle used by the organization to transport the disabled people for business to say yes, we will help.

“It is not easy for us representatives of the Order of Malta to ask for help but it becomes easier when we think of those on whose behalf we are asking – the poor and disabled Kaunas residents under our care. Therefore, on behalf of ourselves and the people we care for, we would like to thank you for the request for help you have heard and for the response according to your capabilities. Your help gives us hope that we will continue to be able to help those Kaunas residents who you usually do not meet in supermarkets, concerts, cafes. They sit in their humble homes and wait to be taken to the doctors, to do their paperwork in state institutions or banks and occasionally to places that would bring them joy. We aspire and wish that our Kaunas and the heart and soul of each of its residents would be full of kindness and love – both in this Advent period, before holidays, as well as after Christmas,” said the representative of Maltesers, Rūta, at the end of the campaign.

A total of 2859 Euros were raised during Kaunas full of kindness campaign, which is one-fifth of the amount needed to purchase a new minibus. Thus, the Maltesers continue to invite every good-willed citizen of Kaunas to help achieve the noble goal by donating. They have also appealed to the car-selling companies that would be willing to offer a suitable and reliable minibus with a discount for the Maltesers’ needs.

“We often hear from potential donors that they would have more courage to contribute to fundraising if they were to get to know the people who will be receiving the support. Therefore, we would like to invite people to join the Malteser volunteers in Kaunas. And if you haven’t decided on a longer commitment to volunteering yet, take advantage of the good practices of NKT Lithuania and KAYAK Lithuania: the former has been contributing to our organization with various voluntary activities and the latter has recently carried out one-day volunteering at our wards’ homes. Thanks to all current and future helpers!” said the Maltesers’ representative Rūta.

Even though the campaign is over, the Maltesers’ of Kaunas are calling for help in collecting the missing sum and urging anyone, who is willing and able, to donate here:

Maltos ordino pagalbos tarnyba

Įm. kodas: 190740859

sąskaita: LT65 4010 0424 0300 8051,

paskirtis:  Auka Kauno gr. neįg. automobiliui įsigyti

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