2019 02 28

A New Exclusive Hotel for Increasing Tourist Flows in Kaunas

In the second quarter of next year, one of the largest hotels in Kaunas will open its doors on Maironio Street – this will be Marriott International’s hotel brand Moxy. The new hotel is owned by UAB Tala and it will be managed by an independent operator Apex Alliance Hotel Management, currently managing Hilton and Marriott hotels in Bucharest and Vilnius. Five more hotels should be opened in Lithuania, Latvia, and Romania this year*.


The new hotel is currently under construction and will replace the former Sostinė shopping center. It will be one of the largest hotels in Kaunas: built on Maironio Street in the plot area of 0,18 a, the six-story 5,700 sq. m building will have 175 guest rooms and underground parking.

According to the Apex Alliance Hotel Management Director of Sales and Marketing Živilė Baltulionytė, Kaunas was chosen deliberately for the construction of this exclusive hotel not only because of the urban development and improved infrastructure, but also a convenient geographic location which will help to attract both individual tourists and business representatives or groups. The decision was made after analyzing the general economic environment of the city and especially the hotel sector.


Designed for open-minded millennials

Marriott International hotel network operates in more than 124 countries and offers over 1.2 million guest rooms. Moxy is the new brand of the Marriott International specially designed for millennials. Its name derived from the American informal word meaning “character strength, determination, and vitality”. This will apply to the new hotel: it will be distinguished by its operating principles and breaking with traditions, but at the same time fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations. A typical Moxy customer is living here and now, avoiding the routine of everyday life, independent, likes to stand out from the crowd and is looking for a non-traditional hotel with a twist. The hotel concept is designed for 25-40-year-olds and adapted to youthful tastes. The great focus will be given to lively common areas that promote communication, also to the fashionable minimalist style, modern and resource-saving technologies.

The hotel building will feature modern architectural solutions and its interior design will be filled with lively, industrial luxurious and raw aesthetics solutions: leisure areas decorated with graffiti, drawings and photographs and minimalist furniture. In addition to accommodation facilities, the hotel will offer a dining area, a bar, meeting rooms, a gym, and a launderette.

At the end of 2018, there were 30 Moxy hotels in the world, most of them situated in the US and Western Europe.


The need for exclusive hotels is growing

The hotel should welcome its first guests in the second quarter of 2020, just before the most intense summer season for Kaunas hotels.

As the Head of Tourism Division at Kaunas IN Inga Pažereckaitė-Kalėdienė observes, Kaunas is becoming more and more attractive to the founders of new hotels. During the high season of events and tourism, the occupancy rate of the existing city hotels reaches almost 90%, and as the number of tourists and arriving guests increases, the need for exclusive, thematic and boutique hotels also grows.

“Lately in the world, the increasing number of tourists prioritize unique and inspiring experiences over the type of a room or a hotel location. Kaunas is not an exception, so the emergence of hotels such as Moxy adds value to the city and helps the hotel to attract the intended clients.”

The development of the hotel sector in Kaunas is particularly important due to the increasing number of tourists and the growth of the city and business itself. According to the latest 2018 statistics, the number of tourists in Kaunas grew by 8.2 percent and the number of overnight stays increased by 9.8 percent last year. An even greater flow of tourists is expected in a few years, in 2022, when Kaunas becomes the European Capital of Culture.


* Currently, hotel operator “Apex Alliance Hotel Management” manages “Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest Old Town”, “Courtyard by Marriott Vilnius City Center”. This year, 5 more hotels should be opened: “Hilton Garden Inn Vilnius City Centre”, “Hilton Garden Inn Riga Old Town”, “Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest Airport”, “Courtyard Bucharest Floreasca”, “Moxy Bucharest Old Town”.


Information by: “Kaunas IN” Business Division.

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