2019 01 31

“Oracle” Unit in Kaunas Develops Future Solutions for Business

Photo: © „Oracle“, Andrius Skunčikas, “Oracle” Country Manager Baltics.


International cloud computing services provider “Oracle” is the #1 software company offering a wide range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. All over the world, “Oracle” has more than 137,000 employees in 175 countries, serving about 430,000 customers who use “Oracle” technologies while exploiting business opportunities and meeting the real challenges of everyday life.

In Lithuania, “Oracle” currently has two offices: “Oracle East Central Europe Limited” in Vilnius has been operating since 2002 and represents the sale of “Oracle” products. In Kaunas, the engineering division employs more than 30 programmers who develop “Oracle’s” strategic security solutions. According to “Oracle” Country Manager Baltics Andrius Skunčikas, Lithuanian divisions are distinguished for their web security technologies based on artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as cyber security solutions for business. This time, we talk with him about the “Oracle” unit in Kaunas.


Why Kaunas was chosen for “Oracle” expansion?

“In 2014, a Lithuanian man with a few partners created a start-up business in Kaunas called “Zenedge”. Last year, in 2018, it was bought by “Oracle”. After this purchase, “Zenedge” became a part of “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure” (OCI) business.
It was decided to create the first office in Kaunas due to the high concentration of potential employees, as well as the Kaunas University of Technology which is preparing strong specialists.

We have ambitious plans for talent search. We plan to further expand the team of programmers and security specialists in Kaunas. We are looking for people wanting to join “Oracle”, grow together, develop and strengthen their competencies.”


What products do you create and what services do you provide in Kaunas?

“As cloud computing becomes more popular across Europe, companies are looking for a partner that can deliver exceptional network and infrastructure security. Our “OCI Web Application Security” (WAS) service provides web developers and security professionals with smart tools which help to protect web pages, systems and applications from complex cyber threats which are continuously growing. The platform uses machine (system) learning and automation to help organizations actively fight cyber-attacks.

In addition to the development of the main WAS products, it is worth noting that the team of security operations in Kaunas provides services 24/7/365. They ensure customer service, continuous monitoring of cyber threats, manage configuration changes and respond to emerging security threats.”


What employees work in the team of Kaunas unit?

“The company employs cloud computing and cyber security specialists. The team consists of developers of package analysis, processing software, UI and APIs, as well as product development and product operations specialists. The main programming languages used in the company are C, Lua, Golang (Go), Ruby on Rails and Python.

We are looking for talents not only from Kaunas but also from other Lithuanian cities. One third of our employees are from Vilnius. We offer remote work opportunities for them, so we are not limited to one city market.”


How do you attract new talents?

“It’s no secret that the biggest competition in the Lithuanian market is for IT specialists, therefore we accept all the challenges related to attracting, motivating and maintaining the employees. The work of our specialists has a huge impact on the Internet and cloud computing. We offer the opportunity to contribute directly to future solutions – this is very important for a contemporary individual.

We also motivate our employees with additional benefits such as health insurance, sports, flexible work schedules, conferences and other learning opportunities. We organize various team building events and we all have a Friday lunch together that has become a tradition.

Depending on the position, we are looking for specialists with different profiles, both talented newbies and qualified experts. Experience is not the most important criteria. No less important is the desire to learn and deepen the knowledge in the new area. If a new employee has this commitment, we help to retrain, gain experience and improve. We are looking for talented people who are flexible, receptive to innovations and able to adapt.”


Information by “Kaunas IN” Business Division.


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