2020 02 28

Take a closer look: 4 facts about soon to be opened MOXY hotel in Kaunas

Moxy Kaunas Center Hotel of the Marriot International, which will soon open its doors in the heart of Kaunas, on Maironio Street, is not only the harbinger of eagerly awaited hotel development in the city but also a unique player in the entire hospitality market, shaping its unique image via personalized solutions and ingenious communication.

The hotel’s core concept holds a strong understanding that guests come to explore the city and experience kaunastic moments and a hotel room is a cozy haven allowing them to recharge for the next day. To increase the interest in Kaunas and encourage people to stay here, the team of Moxy Kaunas Center will create a visual material presenting the city and will not only provide special accommodation offers but also present exclusive objects and activities in the city for all the members of the worldwide Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program that works in 129 countries and territories and unites 120 million people.

What else makes Moxy unique and how does it break the established rules of the market?

1.Will become another street art point in Kaunas

If you stereotypically thought that a global network hotel will just be a copy of something that had already been created in other cities, then you were absolutely wrong. Moxy Kaunas Center has A LOT of Kaunas in it. Almost every wall in common spaces of the interior contains works by graffiti artist Linas Kaziulionis from K ART 7. The murals are inspired by the history of the city, interwar period Kaunas with its charming architecture and recognizable landmarks. Bull – the symbol of Kaunas – will welcome the guests entering the hotel. Its corridors are decorated with human figures depicting the various professions of the interwar period. Motifs of traditional patterns and direct translation of popular Lithuanian expressions into English (say, nine-jobed Barbie) add more of the local flavor. Thanks to unique graffiti, Moxy Kaunas Center Hotel will become one more point on the Kaunas Street Art Map – the Wallographer’s Notes.

2.Does not use social networks

Currently, Moxy is the fastest-growing Marriott brand, with about fifty hotels in Europe, North America, and Asia and it is planning on opening twice as many in the coming years. Most of these hotels do not have a separate social media channel. The hotels carry out their communication using ingenuity and unconventional solutions.

The Moxy in Kaunas will speak of itself through the lips of hotel ambassadors – the chosen people, whose lifestyle, communication with the audiences and personality are most in line with the identity and values of Moxy Kaunas Center. These are youthful people, who communicate easily, avoid daily routine, are independent and instantly stand out from the crowd.

3.Spaces are adapted for Instagram

While the hotel itself will not create content on social media, it will encourage its guests to do so. Above all, with unexpected solutions in its spaces – there are deliberately designed places in the hotel’s interior that will inspire visitors to grab their phones and tap on the Instagram icon.

Moxy Kaunas Center will encourage Instagramming and sharing experiences not only in its spaces but also by creating its own brand points in the city – from Kaunas airport to public city spaces and the most prominent objects in Kaunas.



4.After staff selection – a party

One of the things that Moxy constantly emphasizes is their employees’ different approach to the customer and their function in the harmonious mechanism of the hotel. So, it’s no surprise that the job interview itself has been turned into an extraordinary event. There will be no standard interviews, and those wishing to join the team will be invited to hear firsthand about the values of Moxy and Marriot and then have a fun evening with other candidates in a soon to be opened hotel.

The new hotel is owned by Tala company. It will be managed by an independent operator Apex Alliance Hotel Management currently managing Hilton and Marriott hotels in Lithuania, Latvia, and Romania.

Information by “Kaunas IN” Business Division.

Photos from Moxy’s archyve.

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