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TeleSoftas: The Foundation of a Business is a Strong Team of Professionals

Photo: “TeleSoftas”.


“TeleSoftas”, founded by Algirdas Stonys, is distinguished from other progressive high-tech companies in Kaunas not only by its original projects and unconventional viewpoint but also by paying great attention to the professional community. Since it was founded more than 15 years ago, it has consistently invested in an ecosystem that promotes excellence and creativity. “TeleSoftas” has so far based its business on the principle that the basis of all the company’s goals is not financial results but people.


In 2004, “TeleSoftas” was founded in Kaunas, and today, it has grown into an international smart and innovative IT service company providing software and product engineering solutions to customers worldwide. Until this day, the company has already created more than 400 innovative solutions that add value and transform the business models of the customers. Currently, the main office of the company is located in Kaunas, the other units are located in Vilnius and Klaipėda, and the representatives are in Switzerland, Amsterdam and San Francisco.


The growth of technological potential goes hand in hand with a growing turnover

“We search for solutions for complex IT puzzles and work with a very wide range of customers around the world. Every day, over 700 million people use solutions in telecom created by our engineers. Our portfolio consists of such clients as the Smithsonian Museum, BBC, Ferrari, Aon, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, and even small but revolutionary product or service developers,” says the Chief Business Support Officer at “Telesoftas” Karolina Stankevičienė.


The range of services provided by the company includes several categories of services: consulting and realization of the technological part (programming) carried out in accordance with international project management standards and methodologies.


Nuotrauka: Karolina Stankevičienė.

“We consult our clients about software architecture, business process optimization, and design. We consistently invest in research and development (R&D): we devote about 2 to 2.5% of our annual turnover, which allows us to expand our technological know-how. One of the most recent successful projects showing the company’s technological potential is “VR Inner Child”: a unique virtual reality solution to treat acrophobia (the fear of heights) based on elements of a transactional analysis theory applied in psychotherapy,” says K. Stankevičienė.


More than 80 percent of “TeleSoftas” services are exported (about 87% in 2018, and about 90% in 2017). Most services are exported to the Scandinavian region, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland. The company is planning a greater export expansion to the US in the near future. Currently, the company employs 198 qualified people: IT specialists, software architectural engineers, systems analysts, programmers, QA specialists (testers) and project managers. Turnover in 2017-2018 had been steadily increasing (>30%) and in 2018 reached 7.9 million Eur.


The relationship that brings success

Focus on community development was the foundation of “TeleSoftas” when its CEO and founder Algirdas Stonys started this business 15 years ago, and when just a few talked about it. Instead of making financial results the main goal of the company, “TeleSoftas” has consistently invested in an ecosystem that promotes excellence, creativity, and initiative. It was guided by the belief that people are the foundation of all the company’s goals.


“The common atmosphere and relationship between people and teams is a very important aspect that can inspire large projects and contribute to the growth of all of us, including the business itself. It also helps to survive difficult situations: it was proven to us when the company suffered a crisis,” remembers K. Stankevičienė. “After several important customers have left us, we faced serious difficulties and had to re-think our activities. We survived only through the strong teamwork: there were even times when we were working on an ideological basis. Shortly afterward, we managed to make new sales deals, stabilize the company and even achieve award-winning growth rates.”


From 2015, “TeleSoftas”, together with two other companies “AdeoWeb” and “SneakyBox”, has united a technology enthusiast community in Kaunas into “Blaster” where they work together in a spacious office located in the heart of Kaunas: https://blaster.lt/.

According to the company’s representatives, working in a close community allows for sharing knowledge and implementing successful joint technology projects.


At “TeleSoftas”, we believe that competition restricts our business community: there are enough tasks and projects in the IT field for everyone. So instead of competing, we focus on a happy and sustainable community, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute according to their skills and potential. To create such a community on a city or country level, we must act as one organism. In a global market, this helps to achieve sustainable results, so we are constantly expanding our partner network, employing outsourcing, creating joint project teams, and we usually no longer have time to look at rating tables,” says the company’s Chief Business Support Officer.


A business developed in Kaunas

Kaunas has definitely always been the epicenter of “TeleSoftas” activities. Here, Algirdas brought together a team of friends during study years which started the story of the company. Also, here is the largest division of the company. Until now, the company has a very close long-term partnership with Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). It supports social projects of the academic community, provides mentoring programs and contributes to the improvement of study programs and the creation of a start-up ecosystem. After all, about 80 percent of “TeleSoftas” employees are graduates of KTU. “TeleSoftas” also cooperates with “Kaunas 2022” team preparing the city for the year when it will become European Capital of Culture. The company’s representatives have no doubt that the image of a friendly and open city, well-developed infrastructure, social well-being, and the cultural context are important elements that attract talent and nurture the local community.



In 2019, “TeleSoftas” has been included in the Financial Times 1000 list of Europe’s fastest growing and economy growth-promoting companies.


In 2019, the European Digital Transformation Sector Association DIGITALEUROPE included “TeleSoftas” in the Future Unicorn Award as a nominee among 16 other companies that have the potential to become technology giants.


In 2017, “TeleSoftas” was included in the “Technology Fast 50” list for the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe.

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