Kaunas region has 5 universities as well as 2 branches of other Higher schools of the Republic (32,853 students), 8 Colleges (10,595 students) and 18 Vocational schools (12,582 students).
    Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest provider of qualified engineers in the country. With its strong ties to business and long experience in servicing the region’s largest players, KTU is an essential resource for companies operating in the area.
    As a centre for the development of the humanities, social sciences and IT, Kaunas is a great destination for shared services centres too. This is illustrated by the fact that 46% (6 out of 13) of all SSC projects in the region were implemented in the last 5 years.

    2nd most student-centered city in Lithuania
    Vocational Schools

    Kaunas free economic zone

    534 hectare industrial development area

    29 Lithuanian and foreign companies

    1 896 employees are located in this area

    Kaunas has Free Economic Zone (FEZ), which provide exceptional conditions for business development. It offers ready to build industrial sites with physical and/or legal infrastructure, support services, and tax incentives. The Kaunas Free Economic Zone is a 534 hectare industrial development area which offers favorable and smaller taxes for the investors that invest at least 1 million euros. Area of Kaunas FEZ has three parts: Production and Logistics Area, Business Street and Airpark. 27 Lithuanian and foreign companies with over 1 896 employees are located in this area at the moment.

    Businesses choosing to locate at these zones enjoy tax incentives:
    Income tax (first 6 years)
    Reduction (subsequent 10 years)
    Property tax
    Tax on dividends

    Science and technology valleys

    Our science and technology valleys are integrated science, study and business centres where research, studies and knowledge based businesses are clustered in one location.

    Both valleys are dedicated to specific competences and industry, with the aim of creating a hub dedicated to the exchange and development of ideas with like-minded professionals.

    Santaka Valley

    Is a high-tech research and business facility. The first medical and pharmaceutical valley in the Baltic States that’s used by public and private enterprises.

    • Centre for the Latest Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies
    • National Open Access Scientific Centre for Future Energy Technologies
    • National Open Access R&D Centre within Kaunas University of Technology

    Nemunas Valley

    Is a cutting edge research and business complex that mainly focuses on advancement of forestry, agriculture, and various food sectors.

    • Animal Health and Material of Animal Origin Quality Open Access Centre
    • Food Science and Technology Competence Centre
    • Open Access Joint Research Centre of Agriculture and Forestry

    Kaunas public logistics centre and International terminal

    Kaunas Public Logistics Centre is constructed in Palemonas, near the main Lithuanian highway Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda where the logistics companies are being incorporated and Kaunas free economic zone is located nearby. It is seeking to integrate all transport sectors in order to increase opportunities to ensure cargo mobility, more efficient use of vehicles and to improve the quality of logistics and related services. Intermodal Terminal was established to ensure the intermodality of the Kaunas Public Logistics Centre. This project also works to achieve one of the most important goals of the EU and Lithuania: to reduce roadway usage and transfer a large part of the burden of cargo transportation to railways. The essence of intermodal transportation is to combine at least two types of transportation for that purpose: railways, inland waterways, sea, air and roadways. Kaunas intermodal terminal is the final European (1,435 mm width) railway track point. It is equipped with both 1,520 mm gauge and 1,435 mm gauge tracks in readiness for the Rail Baltica standard-gauge link to Europe. The cargos transported from the Southern and Western Europe and related in the terminal move further towards North and East.


    • Container warehousing
    • Container loading
    • Container unloading
    • Repair
    • Rental
    • Sales
    • Customs services