2019 10 30

“Creazone Reinvent”: The Halfway Point Where Ideas and Business Meet

Photo: “Creazone Reinvent”.

Not only those who already have a business idea but also those who are still looking for it are invited by the “Creazone Reinvent” project to re-invent traditional business models, combining them with modern and innovative business ideas. The project, organized for the second year, has already attracted thousands of participants, most of them in Kaunas training groups.

A brief introduction to what is “Creazone Reinvent” and how the project becomes the halfway point where idea creators and businesses seeking for solutions meet.


Let’s start by saying that CREAzone is an entrepreneurial education methodology that blends proactive people, traditional business models, and creative discoveries into promising ventures. The methodology was based on the Project Development Academy “Entrepreneurship promotion model”, launched in Lithuania and implemented by the INCYDE Foundation. The methodology was put into practice in 2012.

The “Creazone Reinvent” project also uses this methodology during its events organized for the second year. The project focuses on the day-to-day issues which may establish a solid base for coming up with new, innovative business ideas. Whether you’re an employee with a permanent job, a student, or a silver entrepreneur, the project allows you to test your business idea and skills.

Started in Kaunas, “Creazone Reinvent” has attracted a lot of interest in other Lithuanian cities as well: currently, the project includes 4 groups in Kaunas, 2 groups in Klaipėda, 1 group in Šiauliai and 1 group in Panevėžys. Last year as well as this year, the organizers succeeded in attracting more than 1,000 people to the first phase of the project, focusing on topics such as presentation of a business idea, its development, public speaking, stress management, time management or creativity.


The focus is on people who create content

According to the organizers of “Creazone Reinvent”, the greatest value, strength, and uniqueness of the project, which attracts so many participants, are the people working with it: they have a wide range of competences and work in a wide range of fields, therefore, can share a wealth of knowledge and insights. The focus is not only on the content of the training but also on the professionals creating it: from the organizer’s team to the experts.

Kaunas proved to be the perfect place for the start of “Creazone Reinvent”: both because of the universities and the progressive business companies operating in Kaunas, all of which help to bring together people with the right competencies who can assist in developing business ideas. Participants who already have developed ideas and teams to implement them are invited to join the community of KTU Startup Space – an incubator of early-stage startups in Kaunas.


Mutual benefit: for participants and business

Not only does the project inspire those who are just considering starting an innovative business but it also provides invaluable knowledge for people who already have a business idea. And it often turns out that an idea in one person’s head can become a brilliant solution for existing businesses: when the market is facing specific problems, “Creazone Reinvent” gives participants the opportunity to come up with their own solutions and implement them with the help of collaborating companies.

For example, this year’s participating companies include “TransUnion Lithuania” and “Topo Centras”, and project participants have a chance to work on tasks such as updating the HR database, after-sales support, maintaining corporate communication and information exchange, etc.

Thus, the training of the project is a tool that provides the essential knowledge needed to start a business. However, with the help of experts and mentors, the project participants can test their ideas and prototypes, and get financial support for product prototyping.

This year, the training of the “Creazone Reinvent” project are sponsored and co-organized by “Enterprise Lithuania” and the “Spiečius” co-working spaces in Klaipėda, Šiauliai, and Panevėžys; as well as the Lithuanian Business Angels Network, who actively monitor the teams involved in the project and provide initial advice on developing a business idea.

A special prize from Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Crafts will be given to the team with the best-developed business idea which will provide the opportunity to gain experience in Western Europe, America or Singapore companies.

Information by “Kaunas IN” Business Division.

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