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2021 07 31
A website presenting Kaunas business environment: the most comfortable chair for business is in Kaunas

Interactive, full of the most important current events, and helping businesses to share their success stories – this is what presenting the new Kaunas business environment is about. The solution created by Kaunas IN provides the opportunity to feel the pulse of the city.

The structure and functions of the new website were largely dictated by the city itself. It is both a source of statistical data presenting the business environment of Kaunas and a tool for investors from abroad to discover the advantages of the city. From now on, everyone can learn about the most important news and draw inspiration from successful businesses operating in Kaunas.

“We wanted to create more than an informational website. One of the main ambitions was to present a functional and interactive platform. Therefore, it contains Kaunas business environment data presented in various sections, a relocation guide, artificial intelligence-based chat app Eddy Travels, event calendar and an absolute novelty – the opportunity for Kaunas businesses to upload and publish their news and events on their own,” Sima Mažutavičiūtė, Marketing Project Manager of Kaunas IN, who worked on the new platform, says.

According to her, it was her experience in organizing various programs to promote business growth, careers and startups, as well as constant cooperation with various local and national organizations and international businesses that allowed to shape the content of the website.

The exclusive concept and design of the website was created by MILK advertising agency. Here, the design elements turned into the details of a metaphorical chair combined with the main slogan, “The most comfortable chair for business in Kaunas.” Indeed, Kaunas is convenient in terms of transportation, it has plenty of talent, successful programs and businesses. Therefore, when creating the website and presenting Kaunas business environment, the aim was to emphasize that a comfortable – career, work, investment, business development, etc. – chair awaits everyone and the new website will help you discover this place.

“The number of business projects is constantly increasing in Kaunas, we are becoming more visible abroad, so it is very important that everyone interested can get to know Kaunas as it is – offering a lot of values, constantly growing and full of surprises, talented and active people. In addition, a lot is written about business and the offers for it, but is the only website dedicated specifically to the business environment of Kaunas, so it provides an opportunity to check what the city has to offer for various enterprises. It can be said that it provides a full economic picture of Kaunas and the possibilities to supplement it by transferring one’s company here or joining the existing enterprises,” notes Tadas Stankevičius, the head of Kaunas IN, emphasizing that the website provides an opportunity for Kaunas businesses and organizations to share knowledge, activities and achievements, which is critical when aiming at the improvement of the business ecosystem.

The new website offers:

  • a relocation guide. People who are relocating here as well as companies attracting talent from abroad will find the most important information about the city and arrival documents;
  • an opportunity to easily share your company’s or organization’s business news and events with the Kaunas business community;
  • a lot of reviews revealing different aspects of Kaunas business. A presentation of the startup ecosystem that creates a detailed picture, a guide for starting a business, the latest reviews of Kaunas business infrastructure and environment.

The creators of the website – the team of Kaunas IN, which is creating favorable conditions for the development of business, tourism and international marketing in Kaunas – kindly invite the business community to use the opportunities provided by the website and discover Kaunas anew.

Source: Kaunas IN.

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