Success stories
2022 06 20
Just over half a year ago, the Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ) announced some good news – it had attracted one billion in investments, and today this figure has already grown by almost...
2022 06 09
“Do you know where the first communal heating system was installed in Europe for the first time? At the Vytautas Magnus University Clinics in Kaunas! It was designed by Urbain Cassan, a...
2022 06 02
UAB Elinta Motors, which develops sustainable transport solutions - traction systems and modular batteries for commercial transport - has announced that it will move to new spacious...
Success stories
2021 11 17
Another international award will reach Kaunas on November 12. This time, it goes to Kaunas IN that takes care of the city’s tourism, investment, and international marketing development....
Success stories
2021 11 04
The ideas of sustainability and naturalness and a holistic approach to the human body are the business principles that the Manilla brand was built on. UAB Dermofaktorius that manages it...
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2021 10 28
A team of software developers, who got together 3 years ago, named the company after an exotic, burrowing animal - aardvark - and quickly invaded the ranks of the global market leaders by...
2021 09 30
To what extent are the sports industry and sports clubs involved in innovation and technology? “As much as any other organization that wants to offer value to its customers, increase...
Success stories
2021 08 30
While some wonder how to stop the brain drain or compete over talents in a cramped market, other companies turn their eyes abroad. They either bring back the emigrants or invite valuable...
2021 08 17
TutoTOONS is a well-recognized name among children and parents; however, not many Lithuanians know this kids' mobile game studio has been established and successfully growing its team of...
2021 07 26
Analyzing the impact of a pandemic on the global economy, it is often observed that the challenges and constraints caused by the pandemic have opened up new opportunities or become an...

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