Talent growth
Talent growth
2022 10 28
Robots that dispense mixtures of biologically active substances, periodontitis treatment that helps prevent surgical intervention, or a regenerated knee cartilage are just a few...
Talent growth
2022 09 14
According to the World Economic Forum, 65 percent children starting school today will be working with technologies in the future that do not yet exist. “That is why it is...
Talent growth
2022 03 31
As many as 420 primary school teachers in Kaunas city and district are already participating in the informatics and technological creativity program Vedliai (formerly Teachers Lead Tech),...
2021 09 30
When TransUnion acquired CallCredit in Kaunas 4 years ago, it was the largest transaction in the company’s history. This year, it was pushed into second place by fresh news: TransUnion...
Success stories
2021 08 30
While some wonder how to stop the brain drain or compete over talents in a cramped market, other companies turn their eyes abroad. They either bring back the emigrants or invite valuable...
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2021 06 30
Companies in Lithuania are in dire need not only of IT specialists - the demand for engineers is also growing rapidly. According to the data of the National Education Agency for 2020,...
Talent growth
2021 05 31
Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) School of Young Computer Scientists, which has been operating for a quarter of a century, annually invites more than 400 students who want to learn...
Talent growth
2021 04 30
128 Kaunas teachers have already joined the Teachers Lead Tech (TLT) program. The technology literacy and creative learning platform is designed for primary school teachers who receive...
Talent growth
2021 04 28
Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences (KTK), which attracts students from all over Lithuania, has maintained its engineering focus during its 101 years of existence and,...
Talent growth
2021 02 08
Teachers Lead Tech is a learning platform for technological literacy and creativity created by Lithuanians for primary school teachers. This continual learning program provides all the...

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