Computer games

The chair of Kaunas is comfortable for gamers, too. Thanks to the strong IT sector and growing popularity of gaming culture, game developers also find a working space here. More than 500 professionals in Lithuania already contribute to the development of this sector!


The popularity of Kaunas-based GameOn convention and other events intended for video game enthusiasts is a clear sign of the growing interest of Kaunas residents in video games and future perspectives in the field. Keep reading to learn more.

3 300
~3,300 students are studying IT in Kaunas
Four higher education institutions prepare IT specialists
1 540
The average salary in the gaming sector is EUR 1,540
Growing gaming culture in Kaunas
  • Sneakybox, a Kaunas-based company, develops games that find their place even in the field of medicine.
  • GameOn events introduce the latest games and trends to gamers. Every year, the convention brings together gaming enthusiasts from across the Baltic region.
  • InfoShow Lan Party festival-marathon organised in Kaunas for more than 18 years attracts IT, gaming and Japanese culture enthusiasts.

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