Vilnius University Business School
Edtech Hackathon 2021
2021 11 09 - 2021 11 14

Edtech Hackathon 2021 – 6 days online event to solve Hybrid & Blended learning challenges from Lithuania and all over the world. Programmers, designers, creators, entrepreneurs and everyone with ideas suitable for the EdTech industry are welcome to join!


About the event

Vilnius University Business School together with Western Union Lithuania organise education technology event Edtech Hackathon 2021 to solve hybrid / blended learning challenges.

During the project, educational challenges will be identified and technological solutions will be developed. The prototypes that will be developed during the 6 days of Hackathon will be Pitched to the Jury of investors, educators and entrepreneurs on Sunday afternoon and will be broadcast live on Facebook and on news portal 15min.lt.


Who is invited to participate?

  • Visionaries and leaders with previous startup experience
  • Education enthusiasts (teachers and other education workers)
  • Software developers
  • UX/UI designers
  • Marketers and business developers
  • Everyone else , interested in EdTech


Why should you join?

The 2019 – 2020 hackathons attracted over 200 registrations, over 40% international participants, an international jury, 60,000 reviews and a € 15,000 prize pool and provided 74 hours of mentoring, an extension of over 20 Edtech decisions. This year we are going harder, faster, stronger!



1st Place – 3000 Eur for further idea development. Established by Transcom 2nd Place – 2000 Eur for further idea development. Established by Guidehouse 3rd Place – 1000 Eur for further idea development. Established by Guidehouse


Edtech Hackathon is followed by 4 evenings of Keynote speeches and discussions

for the domains:

  1. The Future technologies of Education
  2. Trends of Edtech in Lithuania and Globally
  3. Hybrid&Blended learning: tips&tricks
  4. The Future of Work


November 9-14, 2021. Online

Read more and register: https://www.vuhackathon.lt/ 

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