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INNOVATION HACK. Society goes green!
Sustainability hackathon
2021 11 19 - 2021 11 21
KTU „Santakos“ slėnis, K. Barškausko g. 59, Kaunas / KTU Santaka Valley, K. Baršausko str. 59, 51423 51423 Kaunas

Program of this sustainability hackathon targets those who want to find new and innovative solutions for sustainability, help solve big environmental problems society faces with the help of the newest technologies.

Hackathon is open to individuals and teams.
Each team should consist no less than 4 but not more than 6 members.


“INNOVATION HACK. Society goes green!” challenges:
During the “INNOVATION HACK” event participants will be researching new ways to use and recycle materials efficiently, help preserve the wildlife, lower the pollution, track and trace the polluters. It will also look into changes that van be made in the infrastructure of the cities in order to lower the vehicle emission and many other solutions that would help reduce humanity’s ecological footprint.

Challenge #1. Which raw materials and how we could use more efficiently so that the use of the toxic ones would decrease? Solution needed: effective replacement of toxic materials to non-toxic whilst reducing the need of toxic usage.
Challenge #2. How to adapt new and advanced technologies so that it could be used to monitor the safety and tracking of the illegal activities by the country border as well as decreasing the interference of the special equipment and personnel whilst which negatively impacts the natural living conditions of the fauna in the area (conservation of the natural migration routes, safety of the young animals, decreased usage of sounds that scare and interrupt the animals)? Solution needed: tool/measure that allows to ensure the safety of the country border and tracking of the illegal activities in an sustainable way while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the natural fauna in the area.
Challenge #3. What technologically advanced measures can be used to ensure the tracing of the polluters and therefore helping with the environmental pollution issue? Solution needed: technologically advanced tool which would help to reduce pollution that can capture the polluters from the air while being managed remotely.
Challenge #4. How the city infrastructure should be changed and what new sources of energy and (or) measures could be used so that the traffic in the cities would become more efficient and would therefore reduce pollution? Solution needed: the changes in infrastructure of the cities that would ease the traffic and would allow the transport to move more efficiently which would reduce the pollution from vehicle emission.
Challenge #5. How to attract more people to recycling and successfully integrate new technologies into this field? Solution needed: development of mobile apps that would add “smart” functionalities for the waste container.
Challenge #6. Offer your own!


Activities will take place: 19-21 November
Where: KTU Santaka Valley, K. Baršausko str. 59, 51423 51423 Kaunas
Participants will be required to show Digital COVID Certificate in order to attend the event!


Register till 10th of November https://forms.gle/ykohpLh5ohACXzfv7
More information: https://www.innovationhack.lt/

In case of any questions, please contact us: Tomas Proscevičius, tomas.proscevicius@ktu.lt, +370 61247594

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