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Scale-up Champions Investment Readiness Programme
Call for startups: Unlock your full fundraising potential
2021 10 01 - 2021 12 29
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The last chance for deep-tech startups to join Scale-up Champions Investment Readiness Programme! It is designed to coach entrepreneurs and business owners through making the proper preparations to receive funding from EU investors, angels, or VCs. Scale-up Champions team, international mentors and experts are ready to intensively share their knowledge and expertise, ensuring your highest chances to attract investment! 

More than 30 startups from all Europe have participated in the Programme and made impactful changes to their fundraising track! You can also be one of them! 


How will the program look like? 

  • Starts online: October 2021 
  • Duration: 3 months (it can be prolonged till 6 months based on startups individual needs). 
  • A startup will get 10 hours of individual and dedicated mentorship sessions. 
  • Focus on each startup: 10 meetings with international business development experts to build the fundraising capacity based on individual development plans. 
  • Set of online training and workshops on go-to-market strategies and building investment capacities. 
  • It will help startup for Scale-up Champions Demo Days. 
  • Exclusivity and uniqueness of the Programme: international pool of mentors and experts – with the freedom to choose them for startups themselves. 
  • Free of charge. 


Application is open until 13 September for startups working to accelerate their growth. 

If this sounds of interest, don’t miss this one-off chance and send your application for the last Investment Readiness Programme through the Dealum platform at this link! 




The main goals of Investment Readiness Programme are to improve the investment-readiness of the participating startups by providing them with training and a series of tools and it aims to unlock the full potential of the European deep-tech startup ecosystem by increasing international collaboration and connecting key players across different countries, so that they can leverage the strengths from different startup scenes. 

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