2023 01 19
Game studio from Kaunas launches an arcade game Void Prison on the Nintendo Switch

Kaunas, Lithuania – January 19th.


SneakyBox – the digital development studio, located in Kaunas is focusing on various scale and type projects: in-house games production, full game development services, including porting to all major platforms, virtual and augmented reality experiences, and interactive solutions for complex engineering projects. Their latest project is a game called Void Prison which landed on Nintendo Switch today.


Void Prison is an adrenaline-pumping action indie game where the player is tasked to survive in the ever-shrinking void ring for as long as possible. There’s no score – only a timer and the longer the player manages to stay in the game area the higher his name will go up in the global leaderboards. However, it won’t be easy. Any bullet the player fails to dodge or any enemy creature that catches up with him will knock the player out of the ring.


By defeating enemies players can earn special power-ups and expand their void ring.  Additionally, the game features plenty of achievements to chase and skins to unlock. Retro gaming fans will find Void Prison calling back to the days of the old games where base mechanics were simple but hard to master.


Void Prison was created during the annual Ludum Dare event where it received praise and was voted among the TOP10 fun games in the contest. The PC release was a success and the team decided to bring this game to Nintendo Switch as well.


More about the developer:


SneakyBox was founded in 2012 by Liudas Ubarevičius and Justas Šalkevičius and currently hosts a team of more than 75 developers, artists & industry professionals. The team has a wide range of skills that allow them to release games and products on all major platforms using most game engines and industry tools.


The studio has completed work on over 500 projects, working together with such companies as Atari, Untold Tales, MODUS games, DO-GAMES, and others.

Source: SneakyBox

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