International Business Community of Kaunas (IBCK)

IBCK stands for the initiative created in 2017, which organizes meetings of the International Business Community of Kaunas every few months. Here representatives of international and local businesses, academia, and municipal institutions operating in Kaunas come together to talk about pressing issues and to share their experiences.



The meetings are intended to discuss measures that would allow further improvement of the general investment environment in Kaunas city today and in the near future. As well as, seeking solutions to various challenges facing business in the city and expanding the network of contacts.

Hear about Kaunas development,
changes and ongoing projects
Immerse into the Kaunas
business community
Learn more about the most
relevant topics in the city
Feel free to discuss and join
various initiatives
Experience sharing

During the meetings, which are held every few months, community members have an opportunity to expand the net of contacts, discuss business and city-related issues, get acquainted with reports related to urban development issues, business environment, talent, and other investment environment concerning topics.










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