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2021 12 30
Kaunas Business Outlook 2020/21 (updated)

5 comprehensive outlooks reviewing the economic situation and changes happening in the Kaunas region, and all significant recent events and features for business are now available.


Kaunas Business Outlook publications perfectly illustrate the city’s ambition and successful growth by combining education, infrastructure, and businesses into a single ecosystem, making Kaunas one of the most attractive places for people to study, live, and work, as well as for companies and investors to carry out their activities.


Electronics Industry in Kaunas

The number of employees in the electronics engineering sector in Kaunas has increased by 20 percent compared to 2019, the latest data says. The Sector currently employs over 3,200 professionals, and we should soon see a further increase in the number of electronics engineering talents.



Life Sciences and Medical Technology Sectors

In Lithuania, the number of students in the life sciences sector per capita is one of the highest in Europe and reaches almost 19,000. As many as 47% of them have chosen to study at Kaunas higher education institutions.



GBS&IT Cluster in Kaunas

This sector in Kaunas is diverse, both engineering and cloud companies, as well as, financial service providers, and developers of individual IT solutions are successfully growing here.



Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) in Kaunas

Next to Kaunas Airport is located a leading aircraft maintenance and repair cluster in the Baltic States. It consists of as many as 11 well-known international companies. The location of the airport, which is near the main city highways and Kaunas Free Economic Zone, creates attractive opportunities for greenfield investments.



Kaunas Business Outlook 2020

Kaunas Business Outlook 2020 pays special attention to the largest companies in Kaunas business sectors, business service centers, and educational institutions to stimulate the city’s business development, to see strategic priorities, as well as, to develop public entrepreneurship.

A publication prepared by an investment development, tourism, and international marketing agency of Kaunas known as Kaunas IN discusses the main economic sectors of Kaunas’ region, their dynamics, changes in human capital, infrastructure news, provides valuable statistical information, which is especially relevant for assessing changes in various areas during these new-normal years of the Covid-19.



Source: Visuals by Kaunas IN

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