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Kaunastic Business events is an initiative that invites the international and local business community of Kaunas to various format events organized in collaboration with partners. First, the community gathered in 2017 and was called the International Business Community of Kaunas (IBCK). In 2022, the initiative got an update because of the ever-expanding range of event topics and the growing audience which were named Kaunastic Business events.


During the monthly free-of-charge Kaunastic Business events, representatives of international and local capital businesses, academia, and various social partners operating in the city are invited for open discussions and presentations. Here they have the opportunity to discuss measures for further improvement of the investment environment in Kaunas. Moreover, the community shares the best practices for facing business challenges and overcoming them. Expanding the contacts network is also a big part of the Kaunastic Business initiative.

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During the meetings, which are held every few months, participants have an opportunity to expand the net of contacts, discuss business and city-related issues, and get acquainted with reports and discussions related to urban development issues, business environment, talent, and other investment environment concerning topics.



Check out videos from Kaunastic Business events:

The Economic Picture of Kaunas: On The Way to a New Reality (2021 – partly in English)

Kaunas: the Cornerstone of Lithuania‘s Business Services Hub (2020)






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If you would also like to get information about upcoming Kaunastic Business events, have questions, ideas, suggestions, or can share news relevant to businesses in Kaunas, we invite you to contact us at business@kaunasin.lt.

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