Talent growth
2022 09 14
According to the World Economic Forum, 65 percent children starting school today will be working with technologies in the future that do not yet exist. “That is why it is...
2022 09 07
“Before we start talking about this potentially significant project for the city’s future, I should note that despite the official name - Aleksotas Innovation Industrial Park (AIIP) -...
2022 07 12
A circular economy workshop opened its doors next to KTU Santaka Valley. With the help of 3D printers and other equipment, developers will be able to put their ideas into practice. Not...
2022 06 28
Will the ability to try on a garment virtually help prevent impulsive purchases that end up unworn in the closets? Or perhaps instead of experimenting and wasting real fabrics, fashion...
2022 06 20
Just over half a year ago, the Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ) announced some good news – it had attracted one billion in investments, and today this figure has already grown by almost...
2022 06 09
“Do you know where the first communal heating system was installed in Europe for the first time? At the Vytautas Magnus University Clinics in Kaunas! It was designed by Urbain Cassan, a...
2022 06 08
When choosing territories for the development of commercial real estate objects, developers are increasingly turning their attention to the Kaunas Free Economic Zone. In recent years...
2022 06 02
UAB Elinta Motors, which develops sustainable transport solutions - traction systems and modular batteries for commercial transport - has announced that it will move to new spacious...
2022 04 27
The founders of Toughlex in Kaunas say that in the face of uncertainty, it is most helpful to look at everything as another programming language that only needs to be...
2022 04 15
Open to business and foreign investment, attractive to tourists and international talents—this is what defines Lithuania today. After regaining independence 32 years ago, Lithuania has...
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