Talent growth
2021 01 28
The growing and intensifying demand for IT, electronics, engineering, and technology specialists encourages to search for ways to attract high school graduates to study in these fields...
Contribee Startups
2021 01 28
Although Kaunas-based startup Contribee has only closed its first half year of existence, it has already done a lot of work. Increasing consumer flows, the growing team, and the attracted...
Automotive sector Kaunas Business
2020 09 09
EV startups that bring in billions in funding – such as Nikola Motors – not only demonstrate the great belief in global markets in the power of innovation, but also testify to...
Kaunas offices Business
2020 07 31
In the last few years, new business centers and premises were being built quite rapidly in Kaunas. Entire business districts are being formed on Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue and Jonavos...
2018 11 14
A variety of people in engineering specialties and the opportunity to attract the talents needed for the development of innovations was one of the main reasons why German company “AL-KO...

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