Priority sectors

Kaunas seats such business sectors: an extensive network of higher education institutions which produce high-level IT, engineering and natural science specialists, of whom as many as 85% are fluent in English or another foreign language. 


Convenient and well-developed infrastructure in Kaunas offers a solid foundation for the following sectors:

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

From complex product development to programming services, the export of these services makes up the bulk of the sector. Development and manufacture of telecommunications components in the field of the Internet of Things are catching up fast.


  • There are 611 ICT organisations employing about 4,600 specialists registered in Kaunas.
  • There are 4 higher education institutions providing education to computer scientists in Kaunas with ~3,300 students currently enrolled.
Business service centres (GBS/SSC)

Modern office spaces and multilingual workforce awaits all business service centres that choose to open their doors in Kaunas.


  • 85% of young people are fluent in English.
  • Global companies from the US, Germany and Denmark already operate here.
  • High number of students.
Life sciences

Pharmacy, medical technologies, regenerative medicine, production of advanced therapy medicinal products and proteins – all these fields in Kaunas are united by innovations.


  • More than 50 life sciences companies are established here.
  • There are about 13,000 students studying in the biggest Lithuania’s life sciences university.
Engineering industry

Two engineering industries are growing rapidly in Kaunas, while the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) located near the airport and highways creates attractive opportunities for greenfield investments.


  • Automotive components/electronics.
  • Aircraft maintenance (MRO).
Growing sectors
Computer games

Thanks to the strong IT sector and gaming culture, game developers find comfortable spaces to create in Kaunas.


  • GameOn events introduce the latest games and technologies.
  • Every year, InfoShow Lan Party festival-marathon brings together IT, gaming and Japanese culture enthusiasts.
Medical tourism

High quality and attractive prices of medical services attract a growing number of visitors to Kaunas. Although plastic surgery segment remains the most popular so far, more people arrive here for other procedures.


  • Health care in Lithuania meets all EU requirements.
  • High-quality services at attractive prices.

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