Relocation guide

Once in a new city, you may have many questions and feel unsure where to begin. This guide will help you make yourself at home and become a resident of Kaunas quickly.

Find a job in a foreign language

Kaunas accommodates startups working with foreign markets and international companies, so people speaking English and other languages are more than welcome here.

Lithuanian Labour Code

Lithuanian Labour Code provides all regulations that you should know when taking up employment.

Recruitment agencies

For highly qualified positions, check:


Alliance for Recruitment
People Link
Manpower Lit

Work in Lithuania

Job postings for higher qualification positions are available on Work in Lithuania website.


The EURES team can advise you on market and working conditions.

Enroll in high schools
13 reasons to grow

We have 7 universities and 6 universities of applied sciences. For more information, please visit the website section dedicated to studies.

Register for studies

Registration takes place from June to August. If you would like to study in Kaunas.

For EU citizens

Did you finish your studies abroad, but would like to continue studying in Lithuania? You have the opportunity to study for free.

Rental prices in Kaunas
Accommodation in Kaunas
  • When planning your finances, keep in mind that due to seasonal climate, the costs of utilities in Lithuania increase during the period from autumn to early spring.
  • Make sure that the tenancy agreement includes the address of the rented premises, the number of rooms, the list of equipment and items, description of their current condition, the terms of payment for utilities, and the rental period.
  • Before you move in, we recommend taking detailed pictures of the rented premises and keeping them for future reference until the end of the tenancy agreement.
  • For rental listings of real estate in Kaunas, please visit
  • Are you coming from abroad? We recommend visiting the platform. You can also contact the professionals at HomeRental who help foreign citizens in Kaunas with short-term and long-term housing rent and other relocation issues.
  • Are you a student? You can stay in your university dormitory (information can be found on your school website or you can rent a room at the Solo Society house).
Notify the authorities of your departure

Notify the authorities of the country of your residence about your departure. Information on where and how to file the notification of departure should be made available by the public authorities of the country of your prior residence.

Be sure to collect all your documents

Before leaving, be sure to collect and bring with you the following valid documents/documents issued during the current year:


  • Passport or identity card (for non-EU citizens passport is required).
  • Work or residence permit.
  • Marriage certificate if you have a spouse.
  • Birth certificate(s) of the child/children arriving with you.
  • Academic transcripts regarding your studies from the relevant educational institution.
  • Proof of pension or retirement pension (if any).
  • Letters of recommendation from a former employer and landlord (if you have previously rented a home).
  • A certificate or letter proving that you no longer receive child benefit(s) in another country, if you have children.
Residence permit in Lithuania
  • If you are a citizen of another EU country and intend to stay in Kaunas for more than 3 months, you will need to register and obtain a residence permit in Lithuania. This can be done ONLY after declaring the place of residence in Kaunas.
  • You can apply for a permit via the MIGRIS system remotely, then complete the process by visiting the Migration Department in person.
  • Kaunas Division of the Migration Department is located on A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 57.
  • If you are from a non-EU country and intend to stay in Lithuania for more than 90 days in a 180-day period, you must obtain a national visa or temporary residence permit in Lithuania.
  • More information is available at: and
Useful links for moving services

When arriving in Kaunas for a longer period of time, it is important to know the conditions of transportation of personal belongings. In Lithuania, the Customs of the Republic of Lithuania is responsible for the collection of customs duties and border taxes and for the control of goods entering the country.

If you wish to bring your pet

You can bring your pets to live with you in Kaunas. Pet’s documents required when arriving from the European Union and most other countries:

• Microchip;
• Rabies vaccination or the respective declaration;
• Pet passport.


Note. Due to favorable rabies and other disease situation, some countries may impose stricter national requirements for the import of pets. For more information, please visit:

Step 2: Once you have arrived
Once in Kaunas
With a plane

Kaunas Airport is 15 km away from the center of Kaunas. Direct flights to Kaunas are available from 26 European airports and are operated by Ryanair, Wizz Air and LOT Polish Airlines (due to Covid-19 some flights are not available).


  • You can check the flight schedules on the website of Kaunas Airport or consult an AI assistant.
  • From the airport, you can reach the city center by bus No. 29G, which departs from a stop near the airport and runs every hour or half an hour. You can reach the center of Kaunas in 40 minutes. The bus ticket can be purchased using Žiogas application (iOS ir Android, single ticket price is EUR 0.70) or from a bus driver (the service is not always available due to COVID-19 pandemic; single ticket price is EUR 1).
  • You can also reach the city center using eTaksi (iOS ir Android) application, ride-hailing services provided by Bolt (iOS ir Android) or car-sharing services provided by CityBee (iOS ir Android), or you can rent a car for long term from Solorent, TopRent, Green Motion or other service providers.
With a train

Kaunas is easy to reach by train, especially on the Vilnius–Kaunas route, where most national railways intersect.


  • Comfortable passenger trains are suitable for the disabled, offer free Wi-Fi, have coffee machines and toilets.
  • You can also bring your pet on a train, read more here.
  • Train tickets can be purchased online at
With a bus

Once you arrive in Kaunas by bus, you will find yourself in a bus station that was renovated in 2017 and now accommodates a shopping center, eating establishments and a waiting hall that is open 24/7. Kaunas bus station is located near the train station and the main pedestrian artery of Kaunas city – Laisvės Avenue.


Getting around the city
With public transport

Buses and trolleybuses offer a convenient way to get around Kaunas.


  • Buses and trolleybuses are part of the general public transport system in the city, so you can use the same ticket for both.
  • Public transport routes and timetables are available in the Trafi application (iOS ir Android), online at or het help from an AI assistant.
  • The price of a single ticket varies from EUR 0.70 to EUR 1, depending on the form in which the ticket is purchased. A monthly ticket costs EUR 28, but there are different types of public transport tickets with different benefits; read more here.


Bus and trolleybus tickets can be purchased:


  • Using Žiogas application (iOS ir Android);
  • On the bus/trolleybus;
  • At newsstands – topping up an e-ticket card.
With a car
  • Road traffic rules in Lithuania are hardly different from the rules of most European countries. They are available here: keliueismotaisykles.pdf.
  • If you do not have your own vehicle in Kaunas and would like to rent a car, you can choose the services of the following companies: CityBee, Solorent, TopRent, Green Motion, etc.
  • Public parking lots in Kaunas are divided into parking zones that are subject to different parking rates. The map and details are available here:
  • Paid parking – on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., free parking – after 8 p.m. on weekdays, weekends and public holidays.
  • Ways to pay for parking:
With a taxi
  • For short distances within the city, opt for eTaksi (iOS ir Android) or ride-hailing services offered by Bolt (iOS ir Android).
  • The average price of the ride is from EUR 2.50 (for short distances) and could reach EUR 12 (when going to remote areas of the city).
With a bicycle/scooter

Kaunas is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Lithuania with a constantly expanding network of bike paths and LikeBike Kaunas platform.


  • If you do not own a bicycle, you can rent one from Kaunas bike, a bicycle rental spot located in the centre of Kaunas or using the CityBee application (iOS ir Android) during the high season (April–October).
  • You can easily rent an electric scooter with the Bolt application  (iOS ir Android).
Driving licence
  • Driving licences issued in the EU or outside the European Economic Area are also valid in Lithuania.
  • Driving licences issued outside the EU or the European Economic Area must be replaced, which requires passing the theory and practice tests in REGITRA. Read more here: regitra.en.
  • Upon arrival in Lithuania, your vehicle must undergo the compulsory roadworthiness test that is performed every two years. You are required to hold proof of this. For more information, please visit: aldautomotive.en.
  • All vehicles registered in Lithuania must be covered by a motor third party liability insurance or CASCO insurance. You can insure your vehicle with the following insurance companies or other insurers of your choice:  Lietuvos draudimas, BTA, Gjensidige, Compensa.
  • Upon arrival in Lithuania, the vehicle you own or have purchased in Lithuania must be registered in REGITRA. Read more here: regitra.en.
Tips from those who already relocated

Xavier Mansa, who recently relocated to Kaunas, Lithuania, created video series that will help you make yourself at home and become a resident of Kaunas quickly.


Arriving to and Navigating in Kaunas


Lithuania, like the rest of the world, is currently facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before arriving to live in Kaunas, be sure to check the self-isolation requirements. They are published on the Korona Stop website at: koronastop.en.

Short-term rent for self-insulation

If you are required to self-isolate upon arrival in Lithuania, you can do so in Kaunas hotels or short-term rental apartments. For rental listings, please visit:


or get help from an AI assistant.

If you experience symptoms

If you have noticed any of the COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath), call your GP who will register you with a fever clinic or call the COVID-19 hotline 1808 to register for a COVID-19 test at a mobile station. More: koronastop.en.

Food delivery

In Kaunas, many shops and restaurants offer home delivery of food. Relax and stay safe at home.

Companies that provide food delivery services:



Companies that will deliver groceries to your doorstep:


Furniture and household appliances

Online shops of furniture and household appliances:


Become an official Kaunas resident
If you need a bank account

During a lengthier stay in Kaunas, you will need to open a bank account for day-to-day transactions, online banking, setting up a business, obtaining a loan, etc. The banks available in Lithuania:



Once you have chosen the bank that suits your needs best, register on its website for a visit to open a bank account.


To open a bank account, you will need:


  • A passport or identity card;
  • Temporary or permanent residence permit in Lithuania.


Step 3: Living in Kaunas
Education for children



In Kaunas, children aged 1–6 can be registered in a public or private pre-school institution.

Private pre-school institutions that also offer education in foreign languages:
Istorijų Namai – private kindergarten for children aged 1–5, mixed groups of Lithuanian and non-Lithuanian speaking children;
Vaikystės Sodas – private kindergarten for children aged 1–6 offering English lessons;
Eureka – early education school for children aged 2–5

If you wish to register your children in a public pre-school institution in Kaunas, you are required to declare your place of residence in Kaunas and file an application at




Kaunas also has public and private schools that provide primary, basic and secondary education, depending on the child’s age and attainment level.

The laws of the Republic of Lithuania require children to stay in school until they reach the age of 16. Foreign nationals wishing to complete the general education curriculum are required to study the official language, i.e. Lithuanian.

Schools that help foreign students integrate

Schools that cover 1–12 school years and apply an integrated curriculum that helps students from abroad integrate in the general education process:

For those who wish to enrol their children in a public school

For your children to be able to go to a public general education school, you must have a declared place of residence in Kaunas and enroll for Lithuanian language studies.


You are also required to file an application at

Stay healthy
General practitioner

If you have any health concerns that do not require immediate medical attention, you should contact your general practitioner. To receive free medical treatment, you or your employer must pay compulsory health insurance contributions. You are also required to register for the doctor’s consultation in advance.


Appointments with public medical institutions are made through the patient registration platform at or you can contact your general practitioner.

Dental practices

Should you experience toothache or other dental problems, you can opt for a public or private dental practice. Both types of clinics offer paid services and require advance registration.

I would like to register with a public clinic

If you wish to register with the Kaunas City Polyclinic, you can choose one of its subdivisions. More information about registering as a patient:

I would like to register with a private clinic

You can choose from a variety of private clinics that also offer consulting in English, however you may have to pay for the medical advice and other services. Some of the private clinics available in Kaunas:


  • InMedica, address: Savanorių pr. 169, Kaunas, ph.: +370 37 202882, email:
  • Biofirst, address: Studentų str. 37, Kaunas, ph..: +370 37 750866, +370 686 40115, email:
  • Kardiolita, address: Savanorių pr. 423, ph.: +370 620 33383.
Public dental services

Dental practices at the subdivisions of Kaunas City Polyclinic (Dainavos, Šilainių, Centro, Kalniečių, Šančių) offer both general and specialised dental services. For more information, please visit

Private dental services

In private dental practices, consulting and services may also be provided in English. Some of the private dental practices in the city:


  • Denticija, address: Vytauto pr. 14, ph.: +370 37 220202, email:
  • Pro-Implant, address: K. Donelaičio str. 14 -1, Kaunas, ph.: +370 63409687, email:
  • Prodentas, address: Vytauto pr. 83-2, Kaunas, ph.: +370 620 87766, email:
  • Clinic DPC, address: Savanorių pr. 314A, Kaunas, ph. +370 632 00005, email:
Your safety is ensured 24/7

Do you feel unsafe or did you have an accident? Dial 112 to call the police, fire brigade and/or ambulance.


Once the nature and location of the threat have been ascertained, emergency services are sent immediately.

Police Headquarters

You can visit Kaunas County Police Headquarters at Kęstučio str. 42, Kaunas. Each area in the city also has its separate police station.

Trauma and Emergency Centre

Trauma and Emergency Centre at Kaunas Clinics is available 24/7 at Eivenių g. 2, Kaunas (access from the J. Lukšos-Daumanto Street).


Dial +37037703485 to call the reception of the Emergency Department.

Medical assistance in the city centre

If the accident happened in the city centre, you can go to the Trauma and Emergency Centre which is available 24/7 at Gedimino g. 36, Kaunas (access from the courtyard).

Make yourself at home
Experience Kaunas

Would you like to to get involved in the cultural life of Kaunas, get to know its history, enjoy some active leisure activities and embrace the true spirit of Kaunas? Follow the news of Kaunas Tourism Information Centre and you will not be disappointed!



Still, have a question after reading this guide? Don’t hesitate and contact us at or give us a call +370 671 61451.


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