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Success of Kaunas in the 2023 global Financial Times rating

The Financial Times’ investment specialist division, fDi Intelligence, provides its most recent rating as the finest and brightest investment locations in Europe. The city and county of Kaunas also achieved a high rating in their annual investment attractiveness ranking, “European Cities and Regions of the Future 2023.”


The top investment locations in Europe for 2023 are compared in the list of European Cities and Regions of the Future. A total of 370 European cities were evaluated and categorised into five groups based on their population sizes: major, medium, small, and micro. In addition, 148 areas in Europe were evaluated and categorised into major, medium, and small groupings.

Cities and areas were evaluated in five sub-categories in addition to the overall rating, including economic potential, business friendliness, connectivity, human capital and quality of life, and cost-effectiveness. The jury consisted of experts in investment promotion and economic development.


Illustration: „fDI Intelligence“


According to the index, Europe continues to be the most appealing location for international investment while facing obstacles like the Covid-19 outbreak and the crisis in Ukraine. Investment in the energy industry has increased as a result of energy advances, while other businesses like logistics and automobile parts have benefited from changes in global commerce.

It is worth noting that while France’s Île-de-France surpassed all other big areas, London continued to be the top city in the category of largest cities.


In contrast, Kaunas outperformed rivals like Cambridge, England’s, and Lublin, Poland’s smaller cities to place a respectable fifth in the area of business friendliness. Kaunas came up at number seven in the FDI Strategy category, trailing places like Klaipėda and Nicosia in Cyprus.

Kaunas County placed fifth among small European counties in the same category of FDI Strategy, ahead of comparable-sized regions in Austria, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Kaunas County was also ranked in the top ten in the category of Cost Effectiveness, coming in 8th place, ahead of competitors such as Bulgaria’s Sofia and Vilnius regions.


Photo: A. Aleksandravičius


“Kaunas is a city that is conducive to business growth. Innovative, leading companies are setting up here. Together with them, the city is expanding and luring new investors. The Aleksotas Innovative Industrial Park is ready to welcome newcomers, and the Kaunas FEZ is now running well. Modern businesses that produce and develop innovations will without a doubt pick this location.

Every assessment of the city is important and valuable. That indicates that we are making progress. The city of Kaunas has previously been in the top ten in these rankings. This well-deserved accolade, in my opinion, motivates us to work even harder”, said Kaunas Mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis.


It is no coincidence that this is not the first year that Kaunas has been recognised for its investment appeal. This year, Kaunas was awarded a perfect fifth place in the business friendliness category.

“The measures used to build the rankings show a thorough grasp of Kaunas’ advantages, their deliberate augmentation, and the expansion of the ecosystem. The evaluations for the plan are especially encouraging since they show support for the Kaunas Economic Development Agency Kaunas IN and those who developed the full ecosystem for enhancing the investment climate. I am confident that with our combined efforts, the investment climate in Kaunas, as well as the indicators and external evaluations reflecting it, will continue to improve. This will enable us to see even more positive news in the city when welcoming new or expanding investors,” says Tadas Stankevičius, the head of Kaunas IN.

Source: Kaunas IN

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