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2021 10 28
The platform created by Kaunas residents is used by clients from Peru to Tanzania

A team of software developers, who got together 3 years ago, named the company after an exotic, burrowing animal – aardvark – and quickly invaded the ranks of the global market leaders by offering efficient and secure betting management systems. Although the competition is fierce, according to the founders of Aardvark Technologies, a team of top-level professionals (most of whom come from Kaunas) allowed to create a highly competitive product and take a strong position in the market fairly quickly. Aardvark Technologies, which was started by several people, soon grew and plans to at least double the growth in the near future.

“The idea to create a platform – a software for real-time administration of various betting management systems – came about from seeing the industry from within. We had the opportunity to see that software developers were unable to solve most technical issues. For example, such as fraud prevention, jams, lack of data or lack of transparency. That’s why we decided to team up and create a product that would provide what our competitors are unable to provide and would instantly penetrate and gain a foothold in the market,” head of Aardvark Technologies and one of its founders Simas Denisovas says. Today, a wide network of clients – from South Africa to Jamaica and from Trinidad to Tanzania – proves that the idea was apt and well implemented.

With a personalized account on the Aardvark platform, customers can analyze data in real time and manage gambling processes efficiently and easily. The architecture that combines existing organizational systems and data flows allows us to successfully respond to changes in fast-growing markets and make optimal decisions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Both for those operating at the betting outlets and online.

“We compete internationally with companies from all over the world. But competitiveness is one of the essential elements of our company’s DNA, so we are happy to compete with the tech giants. The fiercer the competition, the more motivation we have to grow and improve even faster,”   Head of Operations of the company Žilvinas Vainauskas says.

A look at international markets

According to the company’s founders, Aardvark Technologies has been a largely international company since its inception. Focusing on the foreign market, the software solutions developed by the company have been in high demand in countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Jamaica or Peru. Today, Aardvark Technologies provides technological solutions to the majority of Lithuanian companies operating in the betting market.

Head of Human Resources Akvilė Kamarovaitė-Molė, photo Aardvark Technologies.

On the other hand, when working with customers from very different cultures, additional conditions emerge constantly that require product modifications and adaptations, which means that more and more people have to take care of it and implement solutions.

“Seeing the current growth, it is obvious that very soon our team will double or even triple in size; it depends on how many talents we will find to fill the positions we offer,” Head of Human Resources Akvilė Kamarovaitė-Molė says.

Interestingly, the product developers – the heart of the company – are from Kaunas. Therefore, when deciding where to settle, there was no doubt – one of the offices must be in Kaunas. The decision was also influenced by the well-developed infrastructure of the city, the excellent supply of office space and the network of internationally renowned higher education institutions operating in the city. According to the company’s representatives, Kaunas can be really proud of qualified software specialists, that are currently in high demand and not only in Lithuania.

Attracts with a flexible approach and freedom to create

At present, Aardvark Technologies employs half a hundred top-level frontend and backend programmers, DevOps and QA engineers and has a 24-hour customer service department in the cozy offices of Kaunas and Vilnius.

“We invite people from all over Lithuania to join our team and it is not necessary to move to Kaunas or Vilnius and work in an office. Our flexible approach to working hours and the constant encouragement of employees to develop professionally through training, courses and international conferences are what make us an attractive employer. We believe that we have managed to create an organizational culture, where people enjoy the work that they do and develop professionally. We carry out global projects, learn from the most brilliant colleagues and also present our business ideas to each other and further develop them. We have the absolute freedom to create, research and invent, to be the real software pioneers in our field,” Simas Denisovas says.

Searching for talented IT professionals capable of strengthening the company’s forces, Aardvark Technologies will participate in KTU Wanted remote career days on October 27. “We look forward to meeting curious future colleagues looking to start a career in software development. We invite everyone who is interested or planning to associate their career with Go, JavaScript, Vue.js, AngularJS or React programming languages. And those who want to know more about what and how we create, get to know the culture of our company, feel free to write to or visit our offices,” Akvilė Kamarovaitė-Molė encourages.

Source: Aardvark Technologies.

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