The public institution “Kaunas IN” is an institution of the Kaunas city municipality founded in 2016. “Kaunas IN” has three main objectives: to promote business, tourism and international marketing development of Kaunas and to create conducive conditions for these activities in the city.

According to the objectives of the “Kaunas IN”, three areas of activity could be distinguished. Our public institution is responsible for attracting international investments in Kaunas, promoting and supporting businesses here, increasing the attractiveness of Kaunas for international investments. The public institution „Kaunas IN“ is also responsible for marketing communication activities with target groups, such as business enterprises, tourism agencies, incoming tourists, foreigners visiting Kaunas with a purpose of working here, returning emigrants and international branding activities of Kaunas. “Kaunas IN” is also responsible for incoming and local tourism in Kaunas.

We are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • Representation of Kaunas for potential investors;
  • Organisation of sightseeing tours in Kaunas for individuals, groups or companies;
  • Hotel reservation in Kaunas and Lithuania;
  • Trade of various souvenirs and gifts coupons;
  • Car and bus rental services.


Information updated: 2017 – 12 – 20