GeoPhy – big data company took up residence in Kaunas

GeoPhy is a Dutch tech company which aims to revolutionize the real estate market by ways of Big Data. The company analyses real estate data in 54 countries around the globe and does so from five offices in five different time zones. At the end of 2016, GeoPhy took up residence in the city of Kaunas.

Looking at a list of the company’s other offices in metropolises such as London, New York and Hong Kong, Kaunas seems to be the odd one out. Adriaan, the head of GeoPhy in Lithuania, however reveals an interesting secret. After the headquarters in Delft, Kaunas ranks second in both its number of people and the generated turnover.

Finding talent

What is the key to this secret? “At the end of 2016 we expanded into the North American market and needed a team that could sustain this growth in a short period of time”, says Adriaan. “I happened to be living in Kaunas at that time and researched the options of setting up our operations in the city. Since our data universe is pretty complex, access to highly skilled mathematicians, developers and data scientist is of utmost importance. I discovered that the labour market in Kaunas is not only far from stressed, but also that the university delivers quality graduates and is eager to collaborate with the local business community. Of course, operations are also considerably cheaper than on our other locations, but to us this is a bonus, not a motive”.

Life in Kaunas

The business seems to go well, but how is to live in Kaunas? “I absolutely love it! I first visited this city some seven years ago and have been a frequent visitor ever since. In those seven years I have seen the city making an incredible turnaround. From a sleepy provincial town, it nowadays stands at the forefront of Lithuania’s cultural life. Monuments are being restored, the city has an active cultural scene, hip bars and cafes pop up around town and the people are proud of this. It’s great not just to witness this process, but to be a part of it!”

The most modern parcel centre in Kaunas

As a result of permanent growth DPD expanded activities and the newest and most modern, not only in Lithuania, but also in all Baltic States, DPD parcels sorting terminal in Kaunas, Kaunas Free Economic Zone was opened 2015 In October. The terminal has the most modern and the only automated sorting conveyor in the Baltic States. Conveyor sorting capabilities seeks for about 50 thousand daily parcels.

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