The most modern parcel centre in Kaunas

DPD Lithuania is part of international DPDgroup. DPDgroup unites DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and Interlink Express companies and is the second largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. DPDgroup delivers more than 3 million parcels to more than 230 countries each day. DPD Lithuania operates in Lithuania more than 18 years. More than 400 company’s couriers deliver about 30 000 parcels each day. DPD not only continuously increases the volume of activities, but also creates new services. Started from shipment of small parcels, today company can transport cargoes by pallets or create special logistical solutions according to individual needs of customers. For example, transportation of medicines in certain temperature mode.

DPD Lithuania CEO Robertas Vilkaitis

DPD business model is oriented to B2B market. However fast-growing e-commerce popularity has oriented DPD to private clients’ segment. Parcels are delivered traditionally by couriers and DPD has developed DPD Pickup network – an easy and convenient way to send and receive parcel from parcelshops and lockers. For convenience of consignees, a self-service portal has also been created. There is realized “Predic” solution that allows the recipients be informed about delivery of the shipment with one hour’s accuracy.

As a result of permanent growth DPD expanded activities and the newest and most modern, not only in Lithuania, but also in all Baltic States, DPD parcels sorting terminal in Kaunas, Kaunas Free Economic Zone was opened 2015 In October. The terminal has the most modern and the only automated sorting conveyor in the Baltic States. Conveyor daily sorting capabilities seeks for about 50 thousand parcels. For comparison, in DPD Lithuania terminal in Vilnius 4 000 parcels an hour are sorted, while in Kaunas – 7 000 parcels an hour.

Terminal in Kaunas is a significant part of DPD Network, where parcels from Europe, Scandinavian countries and Baltics are moving. The location of Kaunas DPD terminal has been chosen for strategically purposes – it is built in the Kaunas Free Economic zone, having great infrastructure and being near the main highways of Lithuania. Terminal is based in the area of 2,6 hectares, having premises of 5 000 sq. meters: 4 400 sq. meters for a distribution of parcels and 600 sq. meters for administrative premises.

DPD Lithuania centre in Kaunas FEZ

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