2018 05 16

‟Kaunas Growing Business Awards” (K.A.V.A.) invite to celebrate the year’s best

To gather Kaunas business community, to appreciate, to notice and at the same time to thank the existing and new businesses that are starting up in Kaunas – with these ideas in their heads VšĮ ‟Kaunas IN” organizes ‟Kaunas Growing Business Awards” (K.A.V.A. 2018) and invites representatives from different fields of Kaunas business to submit applications for  even nine nominations. Winners will be announced on 12th June in “Santaka Valley” during the solemn awards ceremony.


Becoming more modern, growing and experiencing the real revival, Kaunas has something to be proud of: new services and manufacturing companies are developing fast, new infrastructure projects are being implemented, modern business centres are being built and that creates favourable conditions for local business to expand and attracts well-known worldwide companies. Last year, 10 major foreign investors announced their plans for development in the city. They are planning to create over 700 new jobs.  Local businesses are also showing excellent results: every year, more and more products from Kaunas are reaching foreign markets and gaining international recognition. Young entrepreneurs are also remembered, much attention is paid to start-ups, innovative business ideas are welcomed and encouraged.


‟I invite Kaunas companies and Kaunas citizens to join K.A.V.A. awards. Let this initiative send a message to the citizens and the whole Lithuania about today’s Kaunas – an open-minded and business-friendly city. It is an opportunity to thank, connect and unite businesses that not only create jobs, pay taxes, carry out socially responsible initiatives, but also spread the name of Kaunas city all around the world,” says Visvaldas Matijošaitis, the Mayor of Kaunas City.


The nominations of K.A.V.A. awards were created by the partners of the event and they will be the ones who will chose the winners. Partners are experts and professionals in their fields: general partners – VšĮ ‟Kaunas Science and Technology Park” and Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, partners – “KTU Startup Space”, “Lithuanian Startups Association”, Lithuanian Responsible Business Association (LAVA), VšĮ “Enterprise Lithuania”, VšĮ “Invest Lithuania”.


Awards are organized and funded by Kaunas City Municipality in accordance with the program of 2018 “Initiatives for Kaunas”. The initiator and guardian of the awards is Kaunas City Municipality Administration.


Winners will be also chosen by Kaunas citizens

Kaunas business companies are invited to apply for nine nominations, each of which was developed in cooperation with partners of K.A.V.A. 2018 awards.

The general partner “Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts” presents the “Designed in Kaunas City” nomination for the most successful Kaunas business product or service.

The nomination “Innovation 2018”, presented by the general partner “Kaunas Science and Technology Park”, is dedicated to the business that had the most successful development and promotion of innovation and seeks not only breakthrough in its activities, but also environmental benefits.

The winner of the nomination “Development abroad” will be awarded for introducing Kaunas and Kaunas Business into foreign markets and for the fastest growing export range; the nomination “Development in Kaunas” is for the organizations that develop their business in Kaunas – both these awards are presented by the K.A.V.A. partner VšĮ “Enterprise Lithuania”.

“KTU Startup Space” and the “Lithuanian Startups Association” present the “Kaunas Startup” nomination for the most successful startup company. The most unique idea, smooth development and the potential for international activity will be evaluated.

The “Responsible Business” nomination is presented by the awards partner “Lithuanian Responsible Business Association (LAVA)” – it is dedicated to the business, which takes economic, social and environmental responsibility, contributing to the well-being of Kaunas city and its residents.

“Kaunas IN”, the organizers of the awards, present two nominations – “Foreign Investor: Services” and “Foreign Investor: Production” which are intended for foreign investors that are planning the biggest development and benefits for Kaunas city.

The winner of the exclusive nomination “Kaunas is proud” will be chosen by Kaunas residents themselves: in the public online voting residents will decide which company, in their opinion, made the biggest and most visible contribution and initiative to the life of Kaunas city.


Companies wishing to apply for the announced nominations must submit a completed application form. Other persons or organizations may also offer nominees and submit applications. Completed applications must be submitted until 1 June 2018. More information about K.A.V.A. awards: by email kava@kaunasin.lt.


Information by “Kaunas IN” Business Division.

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