2018 12 11

Kaunas Introduces the First City Entertainment Card in Lithuania

Photos: archive of “Kaunas IN”

The increased flow of local and foreign tourists has given Kaunas IN the idea to develop a city entertainment card. It currently involves nearly 100 collaborating partners who mostly provide active leisure and spa services, as well as restaurants and cultural institutions. The purpose of the card is to promote tourism in Kaunas and bring businesses together to represent their city.


The increased flow of tourists and the growing interest of Lithuanians in their own country and other cities, has encouraged Kaunas IN public institution, currently responsible for the Kaunas city marketing and tourism, to create the first city entertainment card called Kaunastic. According to Inga Pažereckaite-Kalėdienė, Head of Tourism Department at Kaunas IN, this entertainment card is a kind of tourist guide that will help people find the most relevant attractions suitable to their individual needs.

“This card is generally intended for Lithuanian and foreign tourists and visiting businesspeople. It might as well be a great business gift for companies that wish to represent their city”, said Inga Pažereckaitė-Kalėdienė.

The card has been introduced under the slogan “An entertainment card that embraces the entire city of Kaunas” invites to visit various places of Kaunas, get to know the city through different activities and return again since the entertainment card is intended for multiple use. The amount of money in the card may be spent in parts with the accuracy of 1 cent. The card is valid for 12 months, so if you do not spend your credit during the current visit, you may do it next time you are in Kaunas.

Gera dovana UAB, the administrator of the Kaunas city entertainment card, has greatly contributed to the implementation of the project by adapting its gift voucher platform operated for over 10 years for the management of the entertainment card system.

“Our many years of experience in managing and administering gift voucher systems and loyalty programs of the largest shopping centres in Lithuania allowed us to introduce the city’s first entertainment card in Lithuania. Kaunas IN was well prepared for this project and knew what was needed for a successful start. We hope that this project will serve as a good example to others who want to promote tourism in their city,” said Diana Jonikienė, Head of the Loyalty Programs Department at Gera dovana.

Currently there are nearly 100 partners involved in the program. Most of them are restaurants, active entertainment service providers, theatres, museums, and beauty salons. Inga Pažereckaite-Kalėdienė is certain that Kaunas’ guests who bought or received this card as a gift will be able to get to know the city in a variety of different ways.

“The card provides a great opportunity to see Kaunas as a constantly changing city. It allows to get acquainted with the vibrant city life and its entertainment. We are convinced that everyone will find something interesting to see and learn”, said Head of Kaunas IN Tourism Department.

The entertainment card is currently available at the Kaunas IN Tourist Information Center, VAGA bookstores in Kaunas and online www.geradovana.lt/kaunastic. Customers may choose to top up the card with any amount from 10 to 150 Euro with the accuracy of 1 cent.

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