2018 09 23

“Kaunas Startups” Program Receives Attention from Investors and Promises Valuable Prizes

Would you like to work with dozens of mentors for eight weeks, focusing on development of your startup idea? How about a free room to engage in the conversation with the experts who have not only the knowledge that you need, but also valuable contacts? And at the end of the program you can get real opportunities to attract investors and turn the startup idea into a real product.

All of this is offered by the cradle of innovative ideas – “Kaunas Startups” Program – which is organizing the first and only platform for the business development of such type – startups accelerator. Another great news: there is an opportunity for the three selected startups to participate in the Startup Wise Guys boot camp, organized by the accelerator partner “WiseGuys”.


Only a few days have left until the end of the registration for the “Kaunas Startups” accelerator (the registration ends on the 24thof September), so it’s time to act for all of those who are procrastinating and still deliberating: this is a unique opportunity for startups who have already created their product to get invaluable experience and made useful business contacts for further business development. For eight weeks, startups will work daily with more than forty mentors, focusing on relevant issues. Accelerator mentors are experts who know the nuances of such business very well since they have developed or have helped to develop several successful startups. Therefore, participants will have the opportunity to refine their product presentation, define target markets, develop an effective development strategy, learn how to effectively sell and promote their product, receive valuable advice on how to plan a finance, and acquire legal knowledge which will help them to avoid potential risks. The accelerator aims to help new startups to prepare for the competition for investment within the market, and advanced ones to ensure effective business development.

Not accidentally, the Business Angels Fund also became interested in the “Kaunas Startups” accelerator. Its representatives will participate in the activities since the very beginning of the accelerator. They will assess the startups and participate in the final event, after which the selected startups will be invited to enter into investment negotiations.


The best will receive the opportunity to win an investment of 20,000 Euros

The best startups will be invited to an international accelerator for mature startups seeking help in expanding to other markets. And for the three most promising startups, the event partner “WiseGuys” presents the opportunity to take part in an ambitious and unique international event – the two-day intensive Startup Wise Guys boot camp, which usually attracts very experienced professionals and helps to make valuable business contacts.

On the first day of the camp, mentors with impressive startup experience will help to sharpen the skills: they will teach startups how to introduce themselves to investors, how to defend their idea and to demonstrate its innovativeness and relevance.

On the second day there will be speed meetings with the commission, in which startups will have to present their product, business idea and make an impression.

In total, 25 startups will compete in the Startup Wise Guys boot campand the most successful one will receive an investment of 20,000 Euros.


Application for “Kaunas Startups” accelerator is open until the 11:59 pm, 24thof September 2018.

Evaluators will select those who meet the requirements of the accelerator program and which will receive the greatest benefits from it.


Apply here.

Information by Kaunas IN Business Division

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