2020 12 07

Kaunas – this year’s biggest changes and next year’s plans in an online event

Photo: A. Aleksandravičius.


The online event organized by the International Business Community of Kaunas (IBCK) will invite you to discuss the impact of the finishing year on the city and look at what the upcoming year might bring to it. During the event, the heads of the Kaunas municipality will present the transformation, changes, and directions of the communications infrastructure, the implementation of public projects, and the city’s image.

A community that allows people to hear each other

IBCK is an acronym for an initiative that came about three years ago, which organizes meetings of the Kaunas international business community. During these events, which take place every few months, representatives of international and local businesses, academia, and municipal institutions that operate in the city gather for open conversations and discussions. The meetings are dedicated to discussions about measures that would allow further improvement of the general investment environment in Kaunas today and in the near future and to the search for solutions to various challenges that business in the city faces.

Tadas Stankevičius, the head of Kaunas IN (Kaunas Economic Development Agency) and one of the founders of the business community, says that probably the greatest value of this initiative is the opportunity to hear each other directly. “When the decision-makers, who care about the city’s growth, the heads of educational institutions, who nurture the city’s future, and the investors, who choose it for their success meet at the round table, we get a very comprehensive, all-encompassing picture of the situation and hear accurate insights that we can put on our organization’s agenda.”

According to T. Stankevičius, the development of the existing network of contacts and the opportunity to hear first-hand reports on relevant topics of urban development, business environment, talents, and other topics of the investment environment is an equally important part of the IBCK’s work.

Topics for the upcoming meeting: infrastructure, strategic direction, and the image of the city

Each of the community meetings aims to present and discuss the most relevant topics of the time. For example, the eighth meeting, which took place in September, was dedicated to a discussion about the results and tendencies of admission of students to Kaunas higher education institutions for the 2020-2021 academic year and to paying more attention to the existing and potential interaction between higher education institutions and business.

Meanwhile, the meeting KAUNAS2020: Urban Changes and Perspective organized on December 10, will focus on summarizing this exceptional and challenging year and taking a look at the upcoming year.

The heads of Kaunas City Municipality will present the participants with the changes and perspectives of the city via their presentations:

  • Paulius Keras, the Deputy Director of Kaunas City Municipality’s Administration, will talk about infrastructure news and upcoming planned changes – that concern both business and the residents – in his presentation Communication Infrastructure in Kaunas: Today and Tomorrow.
  • The Deputy Mayor of Kaunas Andrius Palionis will share the details of the city’s strategy in his presentation Public Projects in Kaunas and the Strategic Direction of the City: 2020 and the Future.
  • Tomas Jarusevičius, Public Relations Advisor to the Mayor, will present how and why Kaunas is changing and how the city is seen by locals and visitors via his presentation The Transformation of Kaunas Image. From “It’s Livable” to a Growing Kaunastic City.

The event will take place online. The viewers will be able to observe the IBCK meeting with the leaders of Kaunas City Municipality on Kauno diena news website, Kaunastic Business, and Kaunas City Municipality’s Facebook page.

Meeting time: December 10, 3 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.

Registration is not required.

Event details and link to a broadcast can be found here:

Want more information? Contact: business@kaunasin.lt, +370 698 07 934 (Laura).

Information by Kaunas IN Business Division.

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