Talking about MedTech, Kaunas is a unique place where medical technologies can start theirs success stories. There are two universities – Kaunas University of Technology and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences – which work together on research and development projects, seeking innovative solutions and innovations, as well as providing their students with proper knowledge and skills. Local talents attract foreign MedTech investments to Kaunas in three main areas: delivery, single use and anaesthetic and respiratory devices. Currently, more and more medical technology companies show their interest in starting the business in Kaunas, so the city has established the reputation of MedTech and R&D hub for the Baltic region. Since Kaunas has a cluster of research and development facilities and strong universities, we are actively working to become a regional number one destination for companies seeking a fast growth and global reach.

A bright future of MedTech


As the presence of international investors grows, so does the desire to train more specialists in the MedTech field. Lithuania ranks number 1 in CEE for University-business collaboration, a fact highlighted in the development of a bespoke Health Informatics undergraduate program to support the MedTech sector. Offered by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) together with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), this program focuses on preparing professionals in the fields of biomedical engineering and welfare technologies.

So, with a region leading innovation ecosystem and a thriving MedTech sector, plus a deep pool of talent still available for international investors, further strong growth in Lithuania’s MedTech sector is expected.

Highly skilled talent

Science valleys

Growing ecosystem