Infrastructure projects

During the period of 2014 – 2020, more than 70 public projects will be developed. The overall investment in these projects is more than 170 million euros. Most investments will be made in these projects:

  • Museum reconstruction
  • Modernisation of theaters and libraries
  • Advancement of infrastructure
  • Installation and modernisation of sport’s areas
  • Bicycle infrastructure
  • Construction and modernisation of educational facilities
  • M. K. Čiurlinis Concert Centre
  • Science Island
  • S. Darius & S. Girėnas stadium reconstruction
  • Laisvės avenue reconstruction

Science Island

Science Island’s perspective on three interrelated scientific themes: the Human, the Machine and Nature/Ecology will be framed by the future. The most likely outcomes for the world, alternative scenarios and the extent to which each of us is part of that unfolding process. The project’s overall aim is to foster and advance the development of science and culture in Kaunas, and in Lithuania as a whole. The project is being developed in cooperation with all Lithuanian universities and many leading experts in their respective fields of study.

  • The National Science and Innovation Centre “Science Island” will be established in the very centre of the city, on the Nemunas Island.
  • “Science Island” is the first science popularization centre where science achievements and technology novelties will be presented in an interactive and attractive way. Expositions will be adapted to visitors of various age; they will be intelligible for children and interesting to adults.
  • The National Science and Innovation Centre will house research laboratories adapted to pupils, a planetarium, and conference centre. Education programmes and events will take part in this centre intended to familiarize the youth with different sciences and possibly encourage choosing a career of a researcher in the future.
  • Construction and installation of the centre is scheduled up to the beginning of 2018. Planned investments from EU structural funds and other sources are 23 million euros.

Laisvės avenue

Laisvės Avenue is the longest pedestrian street in Eastern Europe, the main Kaunas city street and the most important city’s functional space, located in Naujamiestis district, connecting the old and the new parts of the city. Laisvės Avenue reconstruction project shall include an upgrade of covering the longest pedestrian path in Kaunas city by adapting it to the needs of Kaunas citizens and guests, revamp of utilities, delineation of a two-sided cycling path, installation of elements of small architecture, as well as other works provided in the technical design. After the reconstruction, Laisvės Avenue, a unique space for pedestrians and cyclists, will become even more attended by citizens and guests, communication of pedestrians and cyclists will increase, and the general image of the city will be improved. Provisions of European Commission, promoting authorities to develop clean and sustainable transportation will also be implemented. Planned value of the reconstruction is approx. 22 million euros.

M. K. Čiurlionis Concert Centre

The Centre will meet Kaunas’ pressing need for a world-class modern concert venue while also providing multi-functional spaces for conferences, congresses and symposia. The new Centre will host musical events of national and international significance and will strengthen the city’s network of spaces dedicated to music. The flexible mix of additional spaces is intended to inspire. This will contribute to shaping the Centre’s use as a place of ‘knowledge’ – providing a platform for events, meetings, conferences, congresses and symposia.


Kaunas’ remarkable ascent has led the city to review its physical realm, identifying the focus of this global architectural contest: the Kaunas M.K. Čiurlionis Concert Centre.

For a while Kaunas has been known for its cultural events, particularly its music festivals, the city and Lithuania in general does not have a first-rank concert hall with the acoustic quality that leading symphony orchestras and jazz ensembles expect today.

It also lacks a substantial venue for all large public events as well as places for the business and academic communities to meet in a non-corporate or non-academic setting, for international congresses, conferences, exhibitions and symposia.

So, the new Concert Centre is envisaged as an approximately 30 million euros worth civic building that will be fitted for meetings, conferences and congresses by day, and present significant musical performances and public events by night.

Darius & Girėnas Stadium

The reconstruction of the stadium will enlarge the main building up to 20.000 sq.m. and it will meet all the standard international requirements for the most important sports events to take place in it. The reconstruction also includes the surrounding areas in Ąžuolynas park. After the renovation, it will become a multifunctional sports and recreational complex including track and field athletic area and a recreational arena known in Kaunas as Dainų Slėnis.

  • The stadium itself will include special spaces for NGO and local community including a cafe, coworking and a sports centre.
  • Stadium tribunes will be expanded up to 20 thousand seats. Commercial premises will be installed on the ground floor and will be opened all year.
  • The stadium will fit all the international requirements and the highest level sports competitions could be organized in it.
  • Work has already started – investment projects are prepared and specialists are currently preparing a technical reconstruction project.
  • According to preliminary calculations, the reconstruction of the stadium will cost about 14 million euros. The work will be financed by the EU, the state and Kaunas city municipality funds.
  • Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium will become a part of multifunctional sports and leisure complex. Kaunas Sports Hall will be renovated, as well as the Valley of Songs and New Track and Field Arena will be built.