Kaunas received international recognition as startup friendly city and took 112th position in “Startup Blink Global” research center’s startup ecosystem rating among 1000 cities all over the globe in 2020.

Encouraging new ideas and helping young business to grow is a high priority in Kaunas city. Representatives of the public, academic and business sectors are driven by the idea of creating vibrant startup ecosystem in the city and joined forces offering young entrepreneurs a wide range of local and international projects, programs and events.


Initiatives for startup development in Kaunas

Various initiatives are being carried out in Kaunas city, during which young entrepreneurs can present their ideas, get mentoring services and necessary tools to put in order the internal processes of the company. They get a chance to test their service or product in the market, get acquainted with the practices of successfully developed businesses and become part of the Kaunas startup community.

Kaunastic Startups program

One of the most successful municipal initiatives promoting entrepreneurship in Lithuania! This program aims to promote entrepreneurship in Kaunas city, provide an opportunity for the most perspective enterprises to get professional recommendations, activate the startup ecosystem and to increase the attractiveness of Kaunas startups for private capital investments.



Launch of KTU KEEN project implementation measures focused on knowledge and skills development and promotion of cooperation with scientists and researchers in the field of entrepreneurship. The KTU KEEN project is being implemented in collaboration with Cranfield University (UK), Bergische Universität Wuppertal (Germany) and Universität St. Gallen (Switzerland).


KTU Startup Space

Kaunas Technology University startups‘ community. This community unites developing teams, from the very early stages – from ideas. The ideas here turn into real products or services. KTU Startup Space offers business incubation programme, consulting, mentoring, organizes specialized events.


Kaunas Science and Technology Park

Providing consultancy services for startups and technologies companies on business development issues and innovations support services. They are seeking to increase international competitiveness, organizes specialized events.


VMU Centre for Enterprise Practices

Offering training programme based on active learning by doing methods. Programme helps to develop entrepreneurial qualities and competences, enabling students to build their own business or taking care of successful start of working. Ideas are developed in ideas‘ laboratories and camps.


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries.



CREAzone – is a unique and proven entrepreneurship promotion methodology aimed to help young people to create new promising businesses by combining innovative knowledge economy driven ideas with business models in traditional industries thus contributing to the long-term and sustainable rise of employment in the Lithuanian Latvian cross-border region.


EIT Food

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted by consumers. EIT Food Hub targets talents and stakeholders from the three different knowledge triangle pillars – research, education and business. EIT Food is seeking to engage consumers in the change process, improve nutrition and make food system more resource-efficient, secure, transparent ant trusted.


EIT Health

EIT Health is a not-for-profit organisation and one of the biggest European public-private partnership in the field of healthcare innovation. Comprised of over 140 Partners, EIT Health is a unique European network of top companies, universities, research and development centres, as well as hospitals and institutes. EIT Health’s role is to build an ecosystem that enables the development of healthcare for the future so that European citizens are able to live longer and healthier lives.



Hot desk solution in the open coworking area is suitable for those who enjoy variety and would like to pick a different desk to work each day. Workspaces in the open coworking area are perfect for flexible, innovative businesses.


Kaunastic Startups program

Promotion of new ideas and attention to the community of local startup businesses is one of the priorities of Kaunas city. Therefore, the biggest startup program in Kaunas region was created and now is known as Kaunastic Startups. A unique program aims to raise the level of entrepreneurship, provide necessary skills to launch and operate one’s business, consolidate different parts of the startup ecosystem, and prepare startups for funding rounds. Also, to increase the attractiveness of Kaunas city as a destination for startups from other regions of Lithuania and abroad. All of this is possible because of funding from Kaunas municipality and Kaunas IN organizational skills.

> 463k EUR granted for startups development during 2015-2020

startups received Kaunas city Municipal grants and support during 2015-2019

Most popular startup applications by sector: healthcare, education and B2B SaaS

Kaunastic Startups’ team focuses on gathering information relevant to local startups — all initiatives, events and training programs in Kaunas. Also, any news related to financing and growth opportunities in Lithuania and abroad.

In order to help the ideas of the startups grow, an intensive accelerator, experience sharing and networking events has been organized, as well as funding raised since 2015.

2020 is special for the Kaunastic Startups program, as it marks its growth. The program, which has from its previous name Kaunas Startups, will now offer even wider range of opportunities for startups to meet, share experiences and learn all the news. Read more about the upcoming changes here.

Kaunastic Startups program (former Kaunas Startups) became the winner of the national selection in the category of “Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills” in European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2020 (EEPA) organized by the European Commission.

“EEPA selects those projects that stand out with their uniqueness and innovation. Also, those that have a clear impact on the local business environment. In the context of COVID-19, we need, more than ever, innovative and successful projects that we could apply in other regions and countries. In evaluating the EEPA projects, I paid close attention to their impact on the local economy and small and medium-sized enterprises,” Sabine Hepperle, one of the members of the jury and Head of the Directorate-General of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, said.


Kaunastic Startups alumni




During 2015 – 2019 period 252 ideas were submitted to Kaunastic Startups program (former Kaunas Startups). Winning startup applications were in healthcare, education and B2B SaaS, technology, entertainment and tourism, jewelry and food industry sectors.


Fidens - from startup to medical innovation leader in Kaunas

Their devices held for just a few minutes visibly reduce hand tremor and pain caused by arthritis. Their ideas were born and became real products here in Kaunas. Meet small partnership (MB) “Fidens”, whose CEO and founder Dr. Mantas Venslauskas took a step forward after his doctoral studies and today he has already gathered a reliable team and has medical products prepared for sale or for clinical trials. These products brought him fame in innovative business awards and helped him receive support in the “Kaunastic Startups” program twice.

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Professional team behind the scenes

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