Kaunas is a great place to start and develop a new business. Choose the most suitable business form, get acquainted with procedures for establishing and developing a business venture and embrace opportunities, provided for your business. Become a part of  Kaunas city business community!

Selecting type of company

The founder of business has an opportunity to choose the most suitable business form for its venture. Most widespread types of companies in Lithuania are – small partnership, private limited liability company and individual enterprise. How to choose the most suitable legal entity for a newly established business? Find more information here.

The founder of business may choose to pursue an individual activities. You may choose between two options: become self-employed without taking out a business certificate or become self-employed according to a business certificate.You can find the key differece between implementation of these two individual activities here.


Procedure for establishing business

1 day

Open an accumulative bank account with minimum capital

1 day

Submit establishment documents to a notary

3 days

Submit establishment documents to a notary

1 day

Open a settlement bank account for ordinary transactions


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The average duration of business establishing procedure is 3 days. Find all information about the procedure for establishing business here.

Taxes for business in Lithuania

Ease of starting business World ranking


Ease of doing business World ranking


Time needed to establish a business

Personal income tax
Corporate tax
Real estate tax
Land tax
Social security tax paid by employer

Business development opportunities

National public funding, provided by MITA

MITA provides national public funding for projects participants in the national and international research and innovation programmes.

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EU funding for business

EU provides access to financial instruments, opportunity to participate in competitions for funding as well as to participate in public purchases as a service provider for project implementers.

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Incentives for investment projects

Businesses implementing investment projects have the opportunity to benefit from a income tax incentive.

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Kaunas Free Economic Zone

Kaunas Free Economic Zone (Kaunas FEZ) grants exclusive tax incentives and conditions for enterprises operating in the FEZ.

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Kaunas city carries out various initiatives during which young entrepreneurs are encouraged to develop new ideas.

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Other business development opportunities

Kaunas city is ready to talk and look for the most suitable decisions for you.

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