Talents in Kaunas

    Kaunas region has 4 universities as well as 3 branches of other Higher schools of the Republic (6 873 students), 8 Colleges (2 150 students) and 11 Vocational schools (3 716 students).
    Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest provider of qualified engineers in the country. With its strong ties to business and long experience in servicing the region’s largest players, KTU is an essential resource for companies operating in the area.
    As a centre for the development of the humanities, social sciences and IT, Kaunas is a great destination for shared services centres too. This is illustrated by the fact that 46% (6 out of 13) of all SSC projects in the region were implemented in the last 5 years.

      Number of Kaunas city universities entrants from all over Lithuania,% (LAMA BPO data)

      Kaunas can  lay claim to be a city of young people with over 12 500 students (the largest number in Lithuania) studying at one of the seven universities here.

      2nd most student-centered city in Lithuania
      Vocational Schools

      Science and technology valleys

      Our science and technology valleys are integrated science, study and business centres where research, studies and knowledge based businesses are clustered in one location.

      Both valleys are dedicated to specific competences and industry, with the aim of creating a hub dedicated to the exchange and development of ideas with like-minded professionals.

      Santaka Valley

      Is a high-tech research and business facility. The first medical and pharmaceutical valley in the Baltic States that’s used by public and private enterprises.

      • Centre for the Latest Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies
      • National Open Access Scientific Centre for Future Energy Technologies
      • National Open Access R&D Centre within Kaunas University of Technology

      Nemunas Valley

      Is a cutting edge research and business complex that mainly focuses on advancement of forestry, agriculture, and various food sectors.

      • Animal Health and Material of Animal Origin Quality Open Access Centre
      • Food Science and Technology Competence Centre
      • Open Access Joint Research Centre of Agriculture and Forestry