2017 08 01

Winners of Design Competition “Kaunas Highlights” are Announced

Kaunas City Municipality is organizing the design contest “Kaunas Highlights” for the second year in a row. Recetly, the winners have been announced: out of 22 ideas submitted in the contest only 7 design objects will be integrated into the rhythm of the city and will complement it.
This time all artists and creative people of Kaunas were invited to submit ideas of design objects that would be functional, reflecting Kaunas’ peculiarities, its traditions and the present-day life of the city.
“It is a pleasure to see that competition attracts more and more works. It was a difficult task to select those works that not only look good in visualization and description, but which would be functional and would serve for the city’s people not only as a decorative accent”, – said Head of Cultural Heritage Division of Kaunas City Municipality, chairman of the commission Saulius Rimas.
Until the August 11, the artists are invited to present ideas of works of fine arts for the competition “Kaunas Highlights” that would symbolize the statehood of Lithuania, commemorate and reflect the Hundredth anniversary of the restoration of the state in the context of Kaunas. The works proposed for the competition must be architecturally, urbanistically and artistically adapted to the chosen environment, it must not have any associations with other cities, it must have artistic value, be exclusive, of an original form and content. Works can also be interactive and contemporary but have to maintain the semantic and compositional connection with the chosen territory.
All information about the competition “Kauno Highlights” is published on the website http://akcentai.kaunas.lt

Public institution “Ars et Mundus”. The idea of the design object “Sculptural composition for Abraham Map”.
Public Enterprise “Innovative Creative Projects”. The idea of the design object “Eco mobile”.
Public Enterprise “Innovative Creative Projects”. The idea of the design object “Fountain”.
Saint Jacob’s Friends Association. The idea of the design objects ”Kaunas – St. Jacob’s Road Pearl”.
Darius Augulis company. The idea of the design object “Diaphragm”.
Renatas Šukys and Karolis Kasikauskas (“Idwhite” Design Studio). The idea of the design object “Island”.
Tadas Vosylius. The idea of the design object “The sun”.

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