Kaunastic Startup Week

Based on the examples of the world’s best start-up programs, Kaunastic Startup Week invites you to get inspiration and fresh thoughts for your business idea growth. The intensive learning and networking week organized by Kaunastic Startups will allow you to gain experience from the most successful professionals in Lithuania on November 9-13.

You will find live meetings, discussions, seminars, as well as experience sharing evenings, networking lunches and many other fun surprises. All events are free. Our partner Delfi ensures the convenience of watching the events from home. All events are in Lithuanian.

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Kaunastic Startups so far

From now on, the Kaunas Startups program becomes Kaunastic Startups! What will change, you ask? Actually, a lot: we will lean even more toward technological solutions and will offer a variety of tools for knowledge sharing.
With our new name, Kaunastic Startups, we will soon invite you to participate in Kaunastic Startup Week events. Here you will be able to get inspiration and knowledge from the most famous entrepreneurs in Lithuania. We will soon share the details.

Kaunastic startups

The initiative, developed by Kaunas City Municipality for six years, to promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the city, has changed many times during this period. In its first year, the program aimed to help all startups address the crucial issue of attracting funding. Subsequently, the program continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of startup ecosystem participants. The training was launched, mentoring and consultations were provided through accelerator activities, true stories of success and failure were shared by all who wished to share their experiences during meetups. All of these activities helped startups to understand and perfect the value of their idea, avoid repetitive mistakes in starting a business, and properly plan the next steps on an exciting and challenging path to their startup success.

Today, many successful organizations help to develop startups or provide useful information and consultations in Kaunas. However, this often causes one issue — the organizers do not always have enough time or a suitable place to meet and discuss which of these activities could be done together.

To solve this problem, in 2019 Kauno Startuoliai started to organize special events — meetups of ecosystem participants. As we are all forced to re-evaluate our activities and their relevance, these meetups are gaining increasing benefits every year. It is this additional feature that allows the Kauno Startuoliai program to grow and change into Kaunastic Startups.

The phrase Kaunastic startups evoke the feeling of a friendly and rich in human resources and competencies ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs to grow ideas and businesses in Kaunas.
For startups, it is also a sign of quality showing that their activities are fantastic. And for any organizer of startup initiatives, it means assistance while searching for a new direction. Finally, the new program is designed to create even more opportunities and a more friendly business environment for innovators, startup creators, and training program developers in Kaunas.

participants in our events.

have grown with our help in 2015-2019.

survival rate of first-time startups

participants would recommend the program.

Kaunastic Startups program (former Kaunas Startups) became the winner of the national selection in the category of Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills in European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2020 (EEPA) organized by the European Commission.


Kaunastic Startup Week

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Kaunastic startups

Professional team behind the scenes

The project is funded by the Kaunas City Municipal Program The Initiatives for Kaunas. Public agency Kaunas IN is responsible for the information provided. Kaunas City Municipality is not responsible for any information provided.


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