Dutch IT professionals are creating their own success story in Kaunas

At the end of the year, Centric IT Solutions Lithuania – the subdivision of one of the largest Dutch IT companies – that has been operating in Lithuania since mid-2018, celebrated its official launch party. Currently, 30 professionals are working at the modern Kauno dokas business center, and in the next few years, the number will grow to around 250 employees. So, take a look at the Dutch IT giant Centric which, from now on, will continue its success story of more than two decades in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Company’s founder and owner: from the origins to today

A company that is well in its twenties was founded in the Netherlands in 1992 by an insightful businessman and scientist Gerard Sanderink, who remains the owner of the company until today. G. Sanderink completed electrical engineering studies, later studied mathematics and business administration, and taught at a university for many years. His company Sanderink Beheer founded in 1992 became Centric in the year 2000.

From its inception, Centric has grown by expanding both its business scope and acquiring and adding other companies as well as launching new activities. Interestingly, even during the economic downturns, Centric not even once had to declare loses, and to this day, the profits are consistently invested in the quality and growth of the company’s portfolio.


International growth

A decade after the company was founded, Centric went international and established its branches abroad: first in Belgium, then Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Romania, and Lithuania. Today, the Centric Group provides comprehensive IT services, from infrastructure to software, working with both private and public companies around the world. The international team has a total of over 4,300 employees.

First and foremost, what makes Centric stand out from traditional IT and administrative service providers, is the decades of experience and meticulous attention to industrial processes. Therefore, it is no accident that the company is not only labeled as one of the leading ones in the Netherlands but also as one of the top providers of software and IT solutions in Europe.


From Kaunas – to clients worldwide

Kaunas-based Centric IT Solutions Lithuania is the newest addition to Centric international family. In three years, the company plans to employ about 250 people. The Lithuanian team based in the modern Kauno dokas business center help ensure the smooth operation of existing products, standardize processes as well as support and create cloud engineering for corporate clients – businesses and organizations across the world. Future plans include establishing an international Centric customer service center in English and Scandinavian languages.

According to the company’s representatives, when considering locations for development, Kaunas became a top contender because of its favorable environment for investors, business-required infrastructure, convenient communication with the whole of Europe, and above all, talents prepared by Kaunas higher education institutions and cultural environment similar to the Dutch one.

Fidens - from startup to medical innovation leader in Kaunas

Their devices held for just a few minutes visibly reduce hand tremor and pain caused by arthritis. Their ideas were born and became real products here in Kaunas. Meet small partnership (MB) “Fidens”, whose CEO and founder Dr. Mantas Venslauskas took a step forward after his doctoral studies and today he has already gathered a reliable team and has medical products prepared for sale or for clinical trials. These products brought him fame in innovative business awards and helped him receive support in the “Kaunas startups” program twice.

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