Engineering industry

Two engineering industries are growing rapidly in Kaunas: automotive components and aircraft maintenance (MRO), while the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) located near Kaunas Airport and highways creates attractive opportunities for greenfield investments!

Automotive components

Convenient and well-developed infrastructure of Kaunas facilitates the transportation of raw materials and products. The location of the city allows accessing both Western and Eastern markets – that’s why Kaunas is so popular among investors in the field.

There are 54 companies operating in the sector registered in Kaunas
2 500
They currently employ 2,500 employees from Kaunas
is the average number of employees in these companies
In the Baltics, the most engineers are born here

Kaunas University of Technology along with Kaunas University of Applied Sciences and other higher education institutions produce highly qualified engineers.


In Kaunas, four higher education institutions prepare engineers with as many as 1,900 students currently studying here.




Aircraft maintenance (MRO)

Aviation engineering has deep historical roots in Kaunas. Today, the infrastructure of Kaunas creates favourable conditions for MRO companies to operate in both the territory of the airport and Kaunas FEZ located nearby.

Kaunas Airport has the longest runway in Lithuania (3,250 m) and is suited for all types of commercial aircraft
Large space in the airport’s territory is reserved for MRO companies
Get comfortable. An intersection of routes connect Kaunas with the rest of Lithuania and Europe
Kaunas – a cluster of aviation engineering
  • There are 236 students currently studying aviation engineering in Kaunas.
  • The specialists are trained by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Kaunas University of Applied Sciences and Kaunas Technical Vocational Education Centre.
  • KTU also offers an EASA certified Aviation Engineering Programme.

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